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feeling helpless

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I saw the little feral kitten agian. He seems to be all alone alot. I wonder if something happened to mom. I have been trying to get him comfortable with me, but it seems to be impossible. I think the kids being around me make him nervous. I did give him some food tonight, so he should be more comfortable now. He is so pretty.
I have yet to find a TNR program in my area. I also have not been able to locate a trap. Tomorow I am going to try a couple vets in the next town over, maybe they can help. I just feel helpless to help the cats.
The closest resource I have been able to find is Indy Feral. They state they are swamped and not taking any more colonies in right now. Even if they were Indy is a long haul from my house, I wouldnt be able to drive the cats that far for their surgerys. I have to be here for my kids, and the kids I babysit. I hardly have time to breath on some days.
I am going to keep trying to make freinds with that kitten, maybe I can get him to trust me enough to become freindly.

If anyone knows any programs or sponsors for feral cat colonies in my area please contact me. My consious wont let me do nothing yet I lack the means to do anything.
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I responded to your post on the Best Friends Message Board:

Contact this group and see if they can assist you:


And try:


FACE Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic
1505 E. Massachusetts Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46201
Web: www.facespayneuter.org
Low cost spay/neuter, vaccinations, testing, and heartworm/flea medications. FACE stands for Foundation Against Companion Animal Euthanasia. Services for ferals and pets.

Also contact the neuter scooter:


I also found:


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The neuter scooter will be in Merrillville, IN on MOnday, November
3rd (ONLY one day in the area this time; they are taking 2 months off
from public s/n days after this, so we don't know when we will have
the van back again). (For this location the neuter scooter does cats
The cost for s/n, distemper, rabies shot is $40 (other optional
services offered also including felv/fiv tests for $10 each). (No
extra charge for abortions or cytorchids.)

Kittens can be s/n at any age starting at 6 WEEKS! They must be 12
weeks however, to get the rabies shot (same $40 package price if
rabies shot given or not).

For feral cats that cannot be handled and come in traps, the cost for
the same package is $20.

Appointments are needed. Call 219-924-4118 for an appointment or e
mail me at Neakit @ juno.com (skip spaces added to get thru yahoo
filter) Drop off time is 9 AM; pick up time is 8:30 PM.

For information on other locations in IN or OH that the neuter
scooter will be, please go to www.neuterscooter.com.
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Thank you so much for your help everyone. I am trying so hard to catch the kitten to be able to take him to get fixed. I am making progress.
Today, I saw him in the yard and went out with some food. I sat right by the food pan and wouldnt move. I was very quietly talking to him. He growled and spat the whole time I was there but he didnt run away. It didnt take him long maybe a couple minutes and he came right up to get the food. He was so close but I didnt try to catch him.I didnt want to scare him off.
I know he needs other medical attention. His eyes are gunky and he has black stuff on his face, maybe its dirt but it kinda looks like scabs. I dont think he is very old, only a couple months.
I also turned over a (newly washed) large garbage can and put some rugs and a warm blanket in it for him to sleep on. How do I know he will find the shelter though? Its getting so cold at night.
The problem is there are alot more cats than this one kitten in the woods. I can not afford to take them all to the vet for attention, even if I did have a trap to catch them. I also can not afford to feed them all. I have 11 animals and 2 children to feed of my own.
I want to help this kitten becuase he is so young, he might have a chance of being caught and tamed and loved by a forever family.I just feel like I am not doing enough. I want to help all the cats but lack the resources and funding. Its just very frusterating!
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I'm sure you aren't the only one that feels that way...perhaps you can go around to your neighbors and ask if they wouldn't mind donating $20 towards a spay/neuter...find out when the Neuter Scooter will be in your area. Also..if you can find a few people to help you..perhaps you can split the costs of feeding these cats. There are soo many benefits of participating in TNR. Good Luck!!

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Let me add some thoughts on catching the kitten. If you can't get a live trap, get the kitten used to your presence at feeding time. Feed at the same time each day (I do it early morning and early evenings) so it becomes a routine. Put an empty carrier nearby the food bowl(with the door open) so they are used to it being there. I will sit down nearby (or get low somehow - towering over them scares them) and quietly talk to them without looking directly into their eyes. Do this each time and gradually get closer and closer to the food bowl. Eventually, when you are right next to the food bowl, hold your arm very still over the bowl at a height about 8 inches over their head (you might have to do this a couple times without the grab). When he comes up to eat, drop your arm, grab him by the scruff and put him in the carrier (which is handily open and nearby). If you are at all in doubt about him biting or scratching, use gloves and a long sleeved heavy shirt. I've seen this referred to as the Hissy grab - she does it on her belly and I do it sitting cross legged. I caught 3 last month using this technigue.
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