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The problems were worth the joy.

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Our cat had minx syndrome. He did po on the floor. We got used to it. His name was Little Bear. He was the most loving creature I have ever owned. Something was special about him. We had him five months. He died this morning after spending 700 dollars on him. I would do anything to have him back. I was ready to spend another 1000 dollars on him, but he died before we got the chance. Sometimes animals and people with handicaps are special. He was always like a kitten. The po problems seem small now and they did after we got to love him. He slept on my wife's neck, the other cats we have outgrew it after 3 months.


Sometimes you have to put up with other problems to have something special. Love is really all there is and he gave it one hundred percent. I was not his fault anyway. We are not rich, but I would have spent the 1000 dollars to make him better, but he got sick yesterday and was dead this morning. Of all the animals I have had he was our greatest joy. I think he suffered a lot and now it is over for him. But for us the greeving has just begun.


If you get a minx with this problem love him/her because they may not be around long enough for you to really enjoy their love.


Goodbye Little Bear.

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I am sorry for your loss.  What a beautiful tribute you have written for him.  RIP Little Bear.

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I know how you feel, I would give everything I own to have my Chrissy back, but it is not to be. It sounds like you had a very special bond with this beautiful little soul and I'm sure he loved you back in return.  I'm so happy you chose to come here to express your grief and to say goodbye, we will all offer you as much comfort as we can. I know he is no longer suffering and is waiting for you, safe and warm and whole again at the Rainbow Bridge. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers, bless you for loving that little cat as much as you did. RIP beautiful Little Bear!

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What a beautiful relationship you describe, with so much love between you and Little Bear.  A life that loving is precious, what a gift you all gave to each other for those 5 months.  I am sorry you did not have longer together.  He must have felt very loved, precious, and safe with you, that is a wondeful life to have. :rbheart:  

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I'm so sorry for your loss rbheart.gif RIP beautiful Little Bear rbheart.gif Run free at rainbow bridge
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I'm very sorry for your loss. RIP, Little Bear. You're going to be missed so much.

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Our pets are priceless.  What a lovely little boy Little Bear sounds :rbheart:

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What a very nice tribute.  Little Bear was obviously greatly loved and it sounds like he gave you his all as well.  My condolences--it's so hard losing one of our babies.

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Special needs cats really find a way to wiggle into our hearts. RIP Little Bear.
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Little Bear :rbheart:

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I agree...sometimes animals and people with health problems can be the most worthwhile and special for those who take the time to get know and appreciate them.  Bless you for looking beyond the difficulties to appreciate the treasure.  I'm sorry for your loss and admire you for your kindness.  hugs.gif

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I am so sorry for your loss. RIP Little Bear, you will be greatly missed. :rbheart:

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