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This is truly happy!!

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I was frantically searching for the kitty downstairs my apartment for the past two days and I couldn't find her but only her buddy. I imagined the worst..she had been taken away by the town council people. I was so depressed and was almost going to start a thread over at the bridge for her. She's a grey little kitten that's about 5 mths old. She's really a sweetie and start purring the moment I pick her up. She was the little kitty who took the lift to nine storeys and started meowing at my door... sweet huh???

I saw the lady who's looking after cats in my neighbourhood last night. I asked her if she has seen my little girl. She told me something really happy... she has found a furrever home for the sweetie pie. It's just a block away from mine and she's been accepted into the family- they have another older cat. Boy, you guys should have been there!! I was jumping for joy!!! Hurray!!!! my little girl has gotten a beautiful home!!! I'll be visiting the family one of these days when work is not so hectic and I'll try to get pics for u guys...

oh...this is really such a happy ending!!!
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That is so happy news! I am so happy for the little one!

Bless you for caring!
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That is great news! And very near to you too! I'm very happy for you and the kitty.
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