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Just had a major fight with a friend

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I just had a big fight with my best buddy of 25 years about
"cat declawing"...... He claims that they do not always take the cats first knuckle off when declawing GRRRRRRrrrrr: onfire: I say that they do I told him that cats walk on their toes and that this disrupts their normal walking because this is very un natural for the animal. He has lost the first knuckle on his own hand from an accident 10 years ago on his one hand. His weak claim is that his own finger that he lost the first knuckle on is "less sensitive to pain than his other fingers that have all their knickles He is relating this one finger to a cats declawing which is totally different in my book What I need from you cat lovers is a good website that is printer friendly that explains what actually is done and some of the after affects that the cat may experience the rest of its life because of this cruel act. I need something to show him with facts to educate him to prove my own point. This has totally ruined my evening...Thank you........
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Go to our health forum, there is a thread that is stuck at the top- click into it and then go to the Declawing thread- you will find all you need.
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I'm sorry about the confrontation with your friend. I hope you're sucessful in educating him.

Peaches is declawed (front only and not my doing) and has terrible balance. Plus, if she gets pissed off she nips and I'm sure it's because she has no claws to defend herself. I've heard many others say the same thing.

Good luck. Let us know how it comes out.
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It is pretty sad really..........I tried to educate him and his live in girlfriend back maybe 3 months ago because they were gonna declaw one cat out of the two that they have (both indoor only) They seemed to agree and understand at the time. I was NOT asked over for about 4 weeks to their home. They declawed the cat over this period GGRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr Totally pissed off bigtime I was watching the cat walk today and he had a very slight limp while he walked...GGrrrrrr They have declawed for one reason only and that was the old furniture scratching issue.
They have worthless furniture to boot........GGRrrrrrrr They love their cats and are just uneducated and stubborn I have printed out some pages that Hissy recommended and will give it to them Thursday
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Oh! Bob so sorry you had a fight.

Good luck educating your friend!

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I can recommend Kitty Angels. Their reading room has some great literature site on this subject.
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