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When Full Grown?

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When do cats reach their full growth? I have two, both about 6 months. One is rather big and the other is little-funny huh? They are siblings too. Just curious when they are all grown up!
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Not sure if this information is correct but I understand they are full grown at about 18 months.
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Thanks. I had thought it was more like a year though...?
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I thought it was a year too but I've also heard 2 years
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Depends on what you define as growth - physical or emotional? Some of my cats have physically quit growing at 9 months and some closer to 2 years (the smaller the cat, the earlier they stop growing). Emotional growth continues most of their lives, but most appear to hit their "adult" emotional level from about 18 months to 2 years. I don't think there is an exact science here.
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I do mean physically mostly. But that is interesting about the emotional growth. And really small cats quit growing earlier? I have a very small cat for her age, and I kind of worry she won't get bigger. I mean she's adorable but I do feel like she would have more confidence if she was bigger.
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My Scarlett is 7-1/2 pounds at 2 years old and never gained weight beyond about 9 months old. She is the QUEEN of the house. Pinky on the other hand is 16-1/2 pounds at 3 years old and Scarlett runs him off if she doesn't want him around. I really don't think size matters to them. I bolster their confidence thru love and acceptance.
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I think its also to do with the breed. I know that some longhaired cats such as persians are slow developers and dont fully mature till 2 yrs.
Not sure about the other breeds though
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not too sure about confidence and size link!!! i have a teeeny 6lb elderly cat (Tulip) who is as confident as they get and can bully my others who weight up 9 kilo!
And a 2 year old as skinny as a rake who still believes he is 6 months the way he tears around the place. I think emotionally he is detemined not to grow up!
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