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Interesting posts on Petfinder...

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Someone was asking for assistance for an elderly lady's colony...and I posted about Best Friends...when the following posts appeared:

"Let nature take its course, people"
Posted by Janette on Oct-20-03 at 04:22 PM (EST)

Stop the madness! All this urgency about a colony of wild cats. Do us all a favor and let them naturally die off!

"to Katie and others that think like her"
Posted by helene on Oct-20-03 at 04:53 PM (EST)

Hey, Honey, you really need a reality check! I see your stupid posts and laugh at them. You make as much sense as a crackhead. TNR is a fraud! Any ferals that come on our property with their diseases and bugs, gets shot, no questions asked. Adios Kitty!

Now...I know better than to let either of these posters disurb me...because we all know they are just trying to cause issues..but now I can understand just a little of what Alley Cat Allies must face daily. I am very glad to be on a forum that supports feral cats and TNR. Thank you to everyone for being the kind of people that you are and for understanding that feral cats require compassion not euthanization.


If you would like to post in that thread it is:

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I depise ignorant people!
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................. sick person ......
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You are right to try to ignore those people. They are trolls, and their entire point is to ruffle people's feathers. Rest assured that the likes of them are NOT welcome here, and they will be disposed of quickly if/when they show up.
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I just had to vent...but already I had one person email to find out what TNR was and I sent her a load of links. Education is a great thing!!!

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Oh Katie, it is such a struggle sometimes, isn't it?

Right now, I'm all over www.abcbirds.org - running the "cats indoors" program. They cite cat predation studies that were never published, they extrapolate numbers that the authors of the studies themselves debunk, and they make rediculous claims and arguments, and this has got to be dealt with. We are arming our selves with research, quotes from the authors of the studies and we are going to shoot down what information we can, because these people have done SO MUCH damage to TNR programs.

Sorry - just my own vent about not just idiots, but ******** who twist the truth to support their arguments.

If those people want to save birds, they ought to take on the cause of requiring all tall glass buildings to use reflective glass. As you know from having visited that section of the SPA (Stray Pet Advocacy) site, those buildings kill far more birds than the 60+ million homeless cats ever did.

Good job on helping even one more person understand the issues.

Our "motto" at SPA is - "Education is the Key, Legislation is the Tool."

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Best Friends special feature quotes Linda Winters...she is completely unimpressed with all the arguments that feral cats are not the sole issue for birds.


I was talking to Becky Robinson this past weekend and you can tell they are incredibly tired of having to deal with these "anti cat" people. I mean...we are not anti bird...we are just trying to use a humane method to deal with a man made issue.

I wish you MUCH luck with ABC and the cats indoors movement. I do appreciate the site that you have put together to counteract the misquotes.

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That's why I don't go to that site that very often anymore.There are way too many trolls on that board and I end up getting very pi$$ed off.
BTW.That Helene apparantly doesn't have a nice word to say to anyone.
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