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My kittens mouth is wet and parts of his fur is too i guess cause he was liking his fur it looks like he stuck hes mouth in water but i know he did'nt .does anyone know what could be wrong
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Dental disorders can cause excessive salivation in cats. If this is a persistent problem at this point, it would be good to look for broken teeth, a trapped foreign body (caught between teeth), odontoclastic lesions small to large enamel defects right at the gumline), eosinophilic
granuloma lesions and gingivitis. Infected or damage salivary glands sometimes cause excessive salivation, as well.

Cats can have excessive salivation from infection by feline herpes virus (rhinotracheitis virus) or calicivirus. If any other signs of disease do
develop, such as fever, sneezing, eye discharges or loss of appetite they are good signs of this problem.

A good examination of the oral cavity by a VET would be the best way to start, probably.

Best to you and your little one
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How's he doing? Hellen pretty much covered the possible causes and yes, you should get him to see a vet ASAP. Young kittens are quite fragile, so it's always best to consult a vet without delay.
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My kitten,Pindar,seems to be doing better i did'nt see any broken teeth he's not drooling that much anymore so i think he's getting better
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It may have been that he was sucking on something, had gotten a drink of water or was just drooling while sleeping. I would keep an eye out for bad breath, thats usually the first sign of a serious problem.
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