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A new dog in the house...

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We brought home a medium size dog this weekend from the SPCA. Dexter is a 8-12 month old Lab/Hound and is very friendly towards Emma, our 4-year old cat who has been the only pet for 2 years. Dexter has only been around her a few times that she's crept out but Emma has been in hiding since Saturday except for when Dexter has been crated (when we're asleep). She got up on the bed during the night so I know she was moving around. I moved her food to the countertop and showed her where it was. She has not eaten in 2 days. She is hiding in the closet, responds to my husband and I lovingly but won't come out. I'm worrried for her. Maybe we did it all wrong. She was playful and fun with a smaller dog that my parents have. I thought sure she'd be okay since Dexter isn't that big. Will she come around? What can I do? She could obviously have the upper hand if she felt threatened. She's got sharp claws and could easily kick Dexter's butt but I don't think she realizes that. I don't want to ruin her. When should I really worry? I need some advice. I am torn and upset. Thank you.
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I know how it feels like . Some cats are ok and some are not . You only got the dog a few days , so I would not worry about it yet . She just don't feel save yet to come out , but will in a few days . I never moved the water or food to the cats . I kind of force them to come out and let them go to their place where they eat normaly . So they know that the place they have for their food is not taking away from the dog . What I would do is , let the dog be in a differend room for a few hours , so the cats feel save for a while and then let the dog out again . Every day at the same time would be great , maybe feeding time . In the beginning she may be afraid but will come out after a while when she realiced the dog is not there to attak her . I also have to say that I feed my cats on the Table or the dog eats the cat food . So good luck and don't give up yet ok it will get better .
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My concern is the not eating. Not eating at all can lead to severe threats on a cat's health, their system is used to food. Is she not eating anything? or is she just eating very little?
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It doesn't appear that she's eaten anything. A few minutes ago, I took her the food and water in the closet (it's a pretty large walk-in closet off from our bathroom) and she ate and drank immediately.

I've put Dexter in another room and brought her out but she's wide-eyed, scared and paranoid, scanning the room for him. Since he's a pup, he's noisy when he's in his crate right now. She ran back to the closet (this was earlier). Dexter is also in a crate all night and day. I know she ventured out last night (she got up on the bed) but I'm not sure if she came out today. Emma does not have feeding times, she snacks all day.
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I don't know where she is but she's not in her hiding spot. She must have snuck out when we took Dexter outside. That's a good sign.
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Just hang in there , it will take some time . At least we know she is eating and drinking .
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Emma ventured around in the bedroom last night while Dexter was crated but obivously did not eat any food today while he was crated. She was in the closet when I got home. I moved her to the room where her litter box is and brought in her bowls of food and water. She also went to the bathroom and is relaxed in here with the door closed and me in it. Sigh.... I don't want to reinforce her behavior but at the same time, I don't want her to starve or dehydrate.
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This time it's a good one! Emma is in the windowsill, I'm at the desk, Dexter is on the floor asleep. She let him sniff her a few times and hopefully she'll figure out he's not too interested. I've closed all the bedroom doors so she can't hide in another room except the kitchen, bathroom, living room or the office we're in. Hopefully this will keep her from going to the closet. If she gets really anxious, I'll let her go in because it might be too much.

*crossing fingers*
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that is so great . You will see in time they are both fine together
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Oh I'm glad she ate. That is most important!! Do whatever you can to make her feel comfortable to eat and use her litterbox. I'm sure with some time she will get used to the change and probly end up kicking his butt.
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Still hanging out in the computer room with the litter box since I have most of the other doors with cool hiding spaces closed. I occasionally bring her food and water in so she can have a snack but I know for sure she's been to her food dish herself. Baby steps.
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