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Butt scooting

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I took Oliver to the vet twice last month because of the butt scooting and licking, though he had diarrhea then as well. He doesn't have worms and his anal glands are fine. They said it could be his diet. He was getting Fancy Feast varieties and crap dry for the first visit, then Fancy Feast Classics and the occasional raw by the second. Now he gets all raw.

The butt scooting and licking persist and his anus looks very irritated with dark red spots, though the rest is not pink as it sometimes gets. What else could it be? Could he be allergic to his litter? I use Precious Cat Premium Ultra Multi-cat Clumping. Any other possibilities?

Also, his stools are normal, I think. Since going raw, they're like little, odorless tootsie rolls. And he doesn't seem to be having any issues or discomfort using his boxes. His behavior is otherwise normal.
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I wonder if he is caught in a circle of having the irritation on his anus start to heal, become itchy, so he scoots and licks to scratch and irritates it again, then goes back to the beginning? dontknow.gif You would expect any allergic skin reactions to show up on other parts, like his belly or licking his front legs and paws. And his bum probably does not have direct contact with the litter as he hovers to poop. Sorry, I am not very helpful, those were just the first things I thought of....I hope you can get it figured out! It must be uncomfortable for him, the poor guy.
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That's a good point. Any idea of creams that would be safe to use on him?

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Diaper rash cream (zinc oxide) is good for this problem.
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I would think that any cream or ointment will be groomed off before it could make a difference. Maybe a tiny bit of Vitamin E oil would help to soothe and promote healing. That stuff is great, just very sticky.
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