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And baby makes 4....

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Well I now have 4 cats. My hubby brought home a stray kitten he found on his route today. The mother dropped it in the road. My hubby almost got hit when he was trying to get it because some jerk almost didn't feel like stopping, so needless to say, if it weren't for hubby, this poor baby would have been under the wheels of the tires. He tried to give it back to the mother, but she ran off. I guess it's all for the better, he said the cat was definatly a stray, so it just would have turned out to be one also. She's a cutie, a little orange tiger. Now just to come up with a name.
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I always have such a hard time coming up with a name. I'm trying to think of one now for the baby we're keeping from Muffy's litter.

I'm glad your husband stopped for the little girl. She sounds really cute. I love orange tabbys.
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I am so glad your hubby was a saviour! How about Mew? It means a small street or road...
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Orange, wow, I "found" an orange cat today. It was under a car in my driveway mewing loudly. When I called it answered but when I went to get food it ran into the weeds.It looks thin so I left the food under the car I'll check later, see if it ate.
I never have trouble with names, but they all start with "S". Orange cat will be Sarge (in honor of my bro-in-law, but women are vets too).

Good luck with kitty #4
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I adopted a organge tabby (Chester) a couple of weeks ago. He is a very loving little guy.

Good luck with your new little kitty. Lets us know what you name her.

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Thanks everyone. Still no name for her, she seems to be ok, she used the litter box, but I can't get her to eat. I hope she'll start eating soon, I'm starting to worry. She should be old enough to be eating, when I had kittens last year they were eating some solids at about 4 weeks, and she is at least 6.
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usually a small jar of chicken or turkey will tempt them to eat. She just may still be in shock, poor thing....If you have a small nursing bottle for baby animals try that using the baby food with water to thin it a little. Don't give her milk.
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Congrats on the new baby... good luck with her and keep us posted!

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How about naming her after a variety of orange, maybe Valencia (Val for short)?
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Congrats on the new addition! For a second there I thought you meant one of those hailess tailless babies (and I don't mean a Sphynx or a Manx ). But I guess it's too early for that one...
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Hee hee Anne! Not that early, only 7 weeks left to go, but he will only make 3, or 5 depending on how you look at it!
The kitty is doing good, she started eating, it must have been stress. I've been trying to keep her separated, so my other older and MUCh bigger cats don't get jealous and beat on her, but she whines and cries until I can't take it and let her out and roam. I'll just have to keep close eyes on her while the other cats are around. It seems like she has separation anxiety. Do cats get separation anxiety??
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Since the wee one was rescued from the side of the road might I suggest Hitchhiker?? A friend has a cat by this name due to it's habit of hopping onto his shoulder for a ride whenever he passes close. Since he runs an auto recycling operation you have to keep an eye out while "shopping". A bit disconcerting to have a 15 pound cat leaping on you...
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I checked out a kitty name site and decided that the purrfect name for her is Tigra. She absolutely adores my husband. But that only makes sence, seeing as she spent all day with him yesterday.
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Well hubby decided he didn't like that name. We're calling her River, since he found her on North River St.
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