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Cat Personalities?

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Was thinking about cat personalities.
Why do you think they are different, some being snugglers and some not? I know a lot of it is background, but not always.

And now many have had a cat who was one way as a kitten and changed? I got mine at 6 months but I see changes already, one was more social before and now less so, while other is changing the other way!
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I would imagine cats are different, just like people are different. Even when you're raised in the same family, you aren't the same as your brothers and sisters, at least I'm not. I think it's just the genetics that are within each living being. I know all 3 of my cats are totally different. One is a total snuggle boy, 1 is very independant and tempermental, and 1 who is still a kitten, is very playful, and fun loving.

I don't know why a kitten starts out friendly and loving, and then becomes withdrawn, though.
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Interesting questions

My husband's cat used to be a little standoffish, but over the years he's become a love bug like my cats. Our little feral cat was once so wild I had to trap her to get her spayed, but now she'll let me pet her and purrs, though she's still shy of strangers, and a little skittish.

I think black & white cats tend to be more snuggly, but I'm biased. In my experience, torties and calicos tend to be very loyal and loving once they get to know you, but are shy with strangers. I think a lot of it has to do with how the cats are treated - if you give them lots of love & affection, it will be returned tenfold. Sometimes it may take years to turn them around, but it can happen.
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My Amber was very snuggly at first, then quite aloof. She has been very loving in the year I've had her, but am just now seeing more changes...she comes and snuggles on my lap, once in a while. she will sleep there for as long as I let her! And last night she came and sat on top of me as a breadbox while I was in bed. It was only for a minute or so, but she has NEVER done that!

They definitely do change over time.
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Interesting about the coats/colors. My tuxedo's *are* pretty snuggly, the boy especially. My girl, 6 months is still shy but I think when she gets bigger she'll relax. She is very small for a cat her age.

I had a calico once and she was happy with me but shy with others. My all black cat was very aloof, not unfriendly but cool. We used to call her duchess.
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When tavish was baby. He was EXTRA paranoid for EVERYTHING. Eventually, he is getting better but always be caution. He is very wise. He hates strangers unless strangers stay over at house for a few days. At night gives him to make up his mind to sniff the stranger while stranegr sleeps, and he will know if he likes that person or not.
When Jude was baby. He wasn't afraid of everything. Eventually, he starts to get startles over small things such as something left on the floor. He acted like he was tiptoe and sniffed it after that he feels cool. He isn't afraid of strangers though!
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Zoey is a sweet cat but not a snuggler. She loves to give head bonks though.. she will do that every time I come home or when she is in the mood

Saki I think will be a cuddler. He wakes us up in the morning by licking our faces and purring loudly in our ears. He likes to sit in my lap sometimes when I'm on the computer.
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Well Bunnie was so outgoing at the pound she came up to the front of the cage and batted her little paws thru the bars until we scritched her neck. We knew she would be lovey dovey. We also chose her brother Jake because he also seemed to choose us. But now a year later, Bunnie is very independent. She doesn't like to be picked up off the ground, she's very skittish and jumpy (the fabled scaredy-cat)but when she chooses to she will come and purr and rub noses and knead our tummies and take a nap with us. Jake is severely co-dependent, we can't go into any room without him or he stands at the door and yowls until we come out. He sits on the coffee table while hubby is watching TV right in his line of sight. He is VERY needy of affection. I love their unique little personalities!
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My mom thinks Harry developed MY personality. It's funny really, he has a similar attitude, same likes and dislikes, and he's very smart. tee hee. Maybe 'cuz I got him when he was just a teeny tiny kitten -- too young to be away from his mom. (he was rescued from up a tree by my cousin)
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I have no idea how cat's get their personalities but I think a lot of it has to do with upbringing, how old when leaving its mother etc.

Peaches was very stand-offish when I first got her and didn't want to be pet or held at all. She liked to hide in a corner somewhere. Over time, she has turned into a much more friendly kitty. She likes to be where every mommy is and loves to be pet and have her head scratched. I can pick her up and love her (still not for too long though). She gives me kisses and always sleeps with me. Oh yeah... and Peaches loves little kids. Amazing to me! When little kids are here she comes out and sits right in front of them as if to say, "You may play with me."

Carmella wouldn't let you within 3 feet of her when I first got her. I've had her for 3 months now and she's come around a lot. She loves to be where I am and follows me around the house, usually right behind Peaches. She loves to have her head pet and down to her neck. But don't pet the rest of her body! She likes her head and under the chin scratched too. She'll let me stick my face right in hers and baby talk with her and kiss her. Sometimes she'll lick me. She still doesn't like me to pick her up. But even that seems to be getting a little better. Carmella does NOT like kids! She hides under my bed when they come over and won't come out until they've been gone a few hours! Even if she ends up being a beauty to be admired from afar, that's ok with me! She's just adorable.

Henrietta loves attention but runs away from you if you go toward her. Not sure why yet. Once you pick her up though, she loves it. And often she'll come up to me and beg to be pet. She doesn't follow me around like the others do. I think because her and Peaches have issues. Henrietta (also known as Peanut) loves to play and is very strong for a little peanut! I dare say she is stronger then Peaches! I think Peanut would be much more affectionate if Peaches wasn't always on her case. <sigh> But... Henrietta tried to take the top cat position when she first got here and I don't think Peaches ever forgets it and wants to remind the Peanut!

Alrighty! I've gone on way too much! I love talking about my little kidos!
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Snowball actually has the same basic personality now as he did when he was a very tiny kitten. The people who owned Snowball when he was with the mother cat and littermates, noticed that he had a laid-back, affectionate and cuddley personality. They exposed him to a variety of people to try to strengthen these traits. Now he is 12 years old and these traits have been consistant, and are still strong, he loves people and often thinks he should be the center of attention, especially when we have company.
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Max is a black, grey, white and rust tabby. He was a cuddler from the moment I saw him at the Humane Society (3 mo. old) and he is cudler today. He does not like children or loud noisy people. When he comes out when a visitor is there he runs and sits under my legs until he decides that the visitor is not going to hurt him. He loves to be petted (except on his tummy). Most of the time he likes to be in the same room I am and preferably he likes to be in my lap. LOL
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I'm with Hope on this one. Animals are like people. Some of it is instinct and some of it is environment. You can make a snuggler and horrible fighter who won't go near humans if you're mean enough and you can make a horrible fighter into a snugglepuss if you do the right stuff too. Tailer is very aloof except when with her family. She snuggles us, but not like Toes snuggles. She'll cut in next to your waist when your asleep or up against your feet on the couch. Toes will actually have to be on top of you.
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Felicia doesn't let anyone touch her but me. The only exception is the vet when she doesn't have any choice. She was 6 weeks old when I got her. I am the only person she ever sees.

Beau is different. I got him when he was 4 months old. and he is used to other people.
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