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new today

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Hi everyone. I am hoping that I could learn a lot about cats here. I have 2 cats. But before I got my first one nearly 2 years I go. I am thinking there's still loads to learn

One is nearly 2 an the other is 7 months. Both girls. They are indoor cats. They lovve to sleep an eat and sometimes even sleep on my stairs. But it seems like they enjoy each others company. They like to play. Its really more chasing each other around the house. Which has a habit of souding like a herd of elephants running down the stairs. But its funny as the youngest has a habit of gettin chased upstairs an I have this cabinet that she some how gets under an she waits for a few minutes before coming back out then starts the game all ove again. Until Ella (the oldest) gets bored or tired or sleepy. The youngest oddy (oddball) like to cry when she is playing with her toys. She has always done its cute. Ella like to carry the balls around like a dog. Sometimes I think. They think they are dogs not cats. But doesn't last for long. Its all fun.

Questions. When I go out there not bothered or act like there not bothered. But when I come back an if I have woken them feels like there giving me the evils. Does it happen to any one else?

Also I am looking after a 11 week old kitten. For a few weeks. So my house feels like a mad house at the minute. With a extra kitty around. But he is friendly an like to play an attack my toilet roll an actually get into bed with me to sleep. Very cute.
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Welcome to the site!!!! 


Our cat doesnt seem to care when we leave our house either but he def knows when we pull into the drive way. Right when I get out of the car I can see him pushing the curtains back to see who it is. He then goes to stand at the door and greet us when we come in . Sometime he does have those crazy eyes but its normally because he expects us to bring him something home and when we dont he gets disappointed!

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Thank you catlover1991.

My cats only at me if they here carry a bags otherwise a don't get any thing. They do look up but that's about it. Yeah mine gets those eyes to and feels like they are looking at me like they are hard done by. When they get everything. I say all the time am sure they eat better than me. With there food then there meat an then treats lol. I am pretty sure my ktties expect something nice everytime I have been out. Sometimes when I do come and see there hopefully faces that I give them extra treats. But not everytime. If a no I am goin out I will wait to feed them there sachet til a get back in. They always have dry food to eat.
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Hi, welcome fellow UK member! :D  Youseem to have a house full right now...  and your girls sound like real characters.  Love the evil eyes when you get back in.  Mine never did that but I reckon plenty do, especially if they expect you to be their on call servant at all times in case they need a snack. :lol3:  I miss that mini herd of elephants sound I used to get with 2 kitties, it is great fun watching cats play together. Very sweet that Ella carries her ball like a little dog. :heart3:  Will she play fetch?  Mouse used to when he was little but he pretends he's too grown up now and watches me like I'm crazy when I throw anything for him other than his food biscuits.....   Looking forward to hearing more about your cats, and hopefully some photos too. 

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Hi. Thank u Mservant
Yeah its a bit of a houseful but an entertaining one. Yeah they are real characters wouldn't have them any other way lol.
It feels like evils any way. Coz there eyes literally follow me from when I get in an don't stop the youngest oddy always seems to be more interested. Or maybe she's waiting for something like treats.

Its a on call food service thing for them lol.
Yeah its great fun watchin them. Glad my neighbours don't hear them. Because it is quiet a racket they make. Sometimes a think how do they make so much noise for cats. Coz usually when there jumping up on something I don't hear a sound but as soon as there playin together there not careful about the noise levels.

Unfortunately she won't play fetch would be very funny if she did. But its not just one of those little ball things its a ball inside a ball with the bell still in the centre.

How old is Mouse.?
Ella the other day fetched me a toy mouse. Left it next to my hand an none of them have played with it since.
I do have some pics on my profile
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Welcome to the site.  Your kitties sound like they have cute personalities.

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I'm new to the site myself and I look forward to learning new things, adding my knowledge and making new friends. I have 3 kitties and they are spoiled rotten. smile.gif There names are lulu , boots and socks. I look forward to sharing my stories of them and posting lots of pictures . Gotta go feed them now , thanks for including me and my kitties.
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Welcome Rosterred!!!! I would love to see pics of your cats!!! I recently added a kitten to our little family. I am a crazy cat lady for sure!

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My cats sometimes suffer from separation anxiety when I leave.  They do pretty well until I leave then sit in the window and watch me go and when I get home they do the same thing...give me the evil eye and ignore me for a while.  It never lasts for long and generally can be ended really soon by playing with them for a bit.  They are funny creatures and have rules to life that we do not know until we run afoul of them.  They love us though and tolerate us keeping them but never must we forget that they are the masters of themselves and we enter their lives at their pleasure.  


Welcome to the forum and I totally agree with you that there is a lot to learn, however do not let anyone (human) ever tell you they are a cat expert.  There is no such thing... the only experts on cats are the cats themselves and they will let you know it.  I will say though that in the knowledge area that we as flawed humans will find information here that is about as good as you will find anywhere outside the cats themselves.


I do hope you enjoy it here and I really look forward to getting to know you and your cats.

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