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I'm sorry to just interrupt, but I can't really start a new thread and I should, but maybe you guys could help me. I'm kind of new here and don't know anyone. The story is that I am looking for a russian blue kitten, but my dad doesn't believe in altering. We've had cats before that we didn't alter, and they were fine. He just thinks that it's like someone would do something like that to you. Just thinks it's unfair. I've been looking and looking for a russian blue, but everyone keeps giving me the same lecture: cats should be altered. I just wanted to know what you guys think, and if anyone could help. Sorry again for interrupting.
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I split your thread for you because of the issue you brought up. It might have become buried in the Daily Thread where you put it.

Most reputable breeders will not sell you a kitten based on what you have said here. Your father needs to be shown how bad cat overpopulation is. Perhaps the two of you can go to the local animal shelter and look at the crowded conditions there, and all the kittens left over from the kitten season.

If he is on the internet, there are so many websites he can visit about this, but the bottom line, is if you get a kitten you should have it spayed or neutered. You will prolong it's life, take away the factor that it could get cancers specific only to breeding cats, and also help to tone down the temperment.

I hope your father listens to reason, and if he stands firm that you are to get a male cat and not have him altered. Well, I hope you don't get that kitten.

Good luck!
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Stepping in as a breeder, We would never sell a pet cat to anyone that wasn't going to Spay/Neuter it and they don't "own" the cat until it has been desexed.

Which means They don't get all the important documents until proof it has been desexed.
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Perhaps you can talk him into getting a cat that has already been altered? Many breeders spay/neuter the kittens before they are sold, if they are to be a pet only. Also many of them will sell their retired cats and they will be already altered. They're not kittens but just as lovable and deserving of a wonderful home!
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Thanks for the ideas everyone. I've been telling him about all the overpopulation and everything, but he says that it's like you'd cut off a cat's paw, it would be missing something. I'm not really sure what to do. He doesn't want an already altered cat either
If I ever get a kitten I'll be lucky.
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Well perhaps when you get older and on your own, you can be a responsible pet owner and get a kitten, have it spayed or neutered and enjoy a long life with your cat.
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That's too bad. It's really better not to get a cat, if it's not going to be altered.

With an unspayed female, you're constantly risking litters of kittens when there aren't enough good homes, and enduring endless heat cycles (yowling at all hours), plus the health risks involved with staying intact. With a male, if you keep him indoors he'll spray urine in the house (urine from an unneutered cat is one of the WORST smells!), and if he goes outside he'll contribute to the overpopulation problem, get in fights, get injured, get infected wounds, get diseases, and risk being shot at or poisoned by angry neighbors who are kept up at all hours of the night by screaming catfights.

All of my pets are altered, and they're fine and healthy - no pain, and they're quite happy.

I don't know how old you are, but if you can't get a cat but love to be around them, you might want to talk to a local shelter about volunteering. That way you could be around cats, and give love to homeless ones.
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I am glad everyone here has echo'd what I already told her via pm.

Russian blue kitten, dont give up hope! Maybe you could wait until you have your own place like suggested then you can get a nice kitten that's spayed and it will live a long healthy life.
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Russian Blue Kitten:

If you're still visiting TCS, I hope you see this post.

There are many, many reasons to get cats altered. Many of them are health based. Some of them are behavior based.

Spayed or Neutered cats do not become fat or lazy. That is a myth.

If you click on the link in my signature for "low-cost spay/neuter" in the top row for the Visit the Save Samoa site, if you scroll down the page it takes you to, you will find a number of links that will take you directly to a number of articles on the benefits of spay/neuter, the reasons to spay/neuter, and the myths about spaying/neutering.

Many of them are designed so you can print them out. It might help your dad if you give him these. Some of them are written by Vets, and one is provided by the Cat Fanciers Association - one of the leading organizations for breeders.

If breeders and vets support this, perhaps your dad might see reason.

Cats cannot make decisions for themselves when it comes to their health, and it is up to us as their caretakers to make the best decisions for them. And the facts are that spaying and neutering helps them to lead happier, healthier and longer lives.
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Russian Blue...click on this link and have your father watch it. it might change his mind. hopefully.


p.s. make sure your sound is on
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Thanks everyone, I think I've defeated my dad! I got my mom into it, because she thinks it's important to spay/neuture a cat and talked to my dad about it. Then I was really nice to him and talked to him about it too, and he finally said that if I find a kitten that I like, we'll go check it out, and probably get him/her. I've already found one that would be perfect, but now I just have to make sure no one's adopted him yet.
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Good for you!
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Glad to hear your parents are coming around!!
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Here's hoping you can get your dream kitty AND have it de sexed! Good luck and so glad to hear dad's changing his views!

Keep us updated!
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Please - please - please get the cat fixed, speyed, neutered, altered call it what you will. I have had a good few cats since I was a child and every one of them has been to the vet and been done one way or the other. Every single one had a long and gloriously happy life without added offspring running round.
I think of it in a slightly different way - you would not want lots of children running round without homes in the future would you? Same way that I would not want loads of cats doing the same thing and continuing to breed. At the end of the day the perfect dream would be to have every cat a home and with it no more kittens. We have experts on this site who are breeders - to them they get my support as their little tykes are loved and cared for from the first day they arrive as well as the mum cat being cared for as if in their own maternity wing. These are experts and tend to vet the people who wish to look after a kitten from them.
It strikes me you have age and wisdom beyond your years and I congratulate you for this. I look forward to seeing your photo of the new arrival soon in the photos section.. but again - please get he / she fixed!

My best wishes

Kev - in the UK with a blistering cold - sore throat, silence from the voice but still smiling
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