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Hello Cat Lovers

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Hello all
I am new to this site, but I am very happy to have found it. My wife and I love cats and have 8 beautiful furry, purring babies that share our home. We have 3 mixed breeds. 1 I got from a pet store 18 years ago, another was found DUMPED like trash by a dumpster when she was a kitten and the other I adopted from a shelter at 10 years old, she is now 13.
We also have 4 beautiful Pixie Bobs that we breed. Before they leave our home to their new home, they are spayed or neutered
Our last baby is our Bobcat. Yes, a real wild Bobcat. She was NOT taken from the wild! She came from the state of Montana from a breeder. She gets along and LOVES all our other cats in the house.
I have been living with cats ever since I was born and couldn't live without one. They are such a joy to have.
We look foward to sharing our experiences and ideas about cats with all of you
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Welcome to the site! Sounds like you have a very interesting furry family.

Wow, a bobcat?!?! From the pictures she looks beautiful! Do you ever worry about her accidentally getting too rough with the other kitties?
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No, she gets along very well with them. She is only 16.5 weeks old, but acts like their mother. She loves to groom them and likes to keep their ears clean. Yes, she is a wild cat, but acts just like a domestic. She does, however, have a lot more energy and does require a lot of attention which she does get. Play time is always fun
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Wow! She's beautiful! Welcome to the board! (=
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:flash: Welcome to the Cat Site! :flash:

I am so curious about your bobcat, I've never heard of anyone having a domesticated bobcat! How did you find her? How big will she get? And, boy, she is GORGEOUS!
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Welcome to this site and OMG what beautiful cats you have . I am in love with your bobcat awwwwwwwww .
Do you have to have a enclosure with your bobcat or is it posible to keep it insite all the life time ? Oh boy , we all will be naging with all kind of questions now I hope you don't mind , it is just to faszinating for most of us catlovers
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Welcome! Your furrbabies are very precious looking!
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You think she is fun now, wait till she grows up! LOL
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Awww, I love Marshmallow You don't see too many all white cats. My aunt and uncle had one when I was a kid.
Lol Hissy. She runs around here like crazy. I cant wait to see her do that at 40 pounds.
No, we have no enclosure for her, she roams the house with my other cats. She gets along very well with my other babies. She loves to groom them and keep their ears clean, all the while letting out this very loud purrrr. No, I do not mind the questions at all.
I became interested in Bobcats ever since I welcomed a Pixie Bob into our home. If you are not familiar with the Pixie Bob, as legend has it, they are part domestic and part bobcat. Pixies do get quite large. Our male is 21 pounds. I breed Pixies as well. I did post some pictures of my Pixies in the "close ups please' forum. Amber came from the state of Montana. She will grow to 30-40 pounds. Her sire, father, was 60 pounds, but males average about 10 pounds more and he was quite large. I think I answered all the questions
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Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome! Absolutely beautiful kittie you got there!
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welcome! I've responded to a post of your in another forum but I wanted to give you the official greetings!
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Hi and welcome aboard.

Your cats are beautiful. So is your Bobcat kitty.
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welcome aboard, I did want to ask if the bobcats have a tendency to become aggressive at all? to people or cats, since they are naturally wild
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Welcome.That is one pretty kitty you have there.
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Matty, the answer to your question is no. Our Bobcat was not taken from the wild, she came from a breeder and was hand raised by humans. They pretty much act like any other kitty, except the do have tons more energy and just want to keep playing and playing and playing.... She loves are other kitties a lot and loves to keep them clean.
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Hi, and welcome to The Cat Site!!
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Welcome. I think all wild cats are beautiful. I'd love to be able to own a Pixie Bob some day. At the present time, I have 2 Siamese and a Bengal. Bengal's are also supposed to have wild blood in them, but they don't look anywhere near as close to the wild, as a Pixie Bob. My Bangel is pretty small, even though he's only 6 months old, but I don't think he's going to be a very big cat. My traditional Apple faced Siamese, are much larger.

As far as your real Bob cat goes, she's beautiful.
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