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Vita Gravey

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Has anyone tried Vita Gravey? Just bought a bottle thinking it was a great treat since Loki just loves gravey. Nope Loki would not touch it.., but since he is fuzzy not surprise. Hmm Hoevery Piper my moms girk did not touch it either which is a big suprise since she loves anything new. Had bought the Salmon flavor and it smelled pretty good, that could be the problem though. Maybe not stinky enough??
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I give it to my dogs and they love it. It smells horrible though. Really bad! I am going to try the cat kind next time I go to Petsmart.
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Niether my cats nor my dog will eat the stuff. I ended up tossing out the food it was poured on.
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I'm glad I read this because I saw this stuff yesterday & was thinking of buying it because my guys favorite wet food is S.D. Ocean Fish with gravy. (you'd think I had gold in those cans the way they act when I crack one open) I was going to try it, but now I'm thinking I won't.
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