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Signs of Ringworm?

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My friend's daughter was recently diagnosed with ringworm. She's pretty sure it came from some animals that were brought to her daughter's day care. She's had the rash since this summer.

She is wondering what signs she should look for in her adult cats? Her doctor told her that only kittens and puppies are susceptible to it and just to look for open sores on the pets, but she realizes that he is a doctor and not a vet. Is her daughter past the point of being contagious?

Obviously the last thing she wants is to get into a vicious cycle of passing the ringworm around the house over and over.

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I can't tell you what it looks like, but I can tell you I got ringworm from an adult cat when I was working at a vet's in high school. Your friend should definately call their vet and talk to them about this.
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Well, you could use a wood lamp. But, only 50 percent of a specific type of ringworm called Microsporum canis will fluoresce within the cat’s fur with the characteristic apple green color.

"A more reliable way to diagnose ringworm is to conduct a fungal culture on hairs taken from around the area in question by plucking them with a clean instrument or brushing them with a new toothbrush. In order to identify the source of the infection, the fungal growth is evaluated under a microscope to determine the type of fungus present. This assessment of the material subsequent to its growth in a medium will rule out false positives that would otherwise be caused by environmental contaminants."

Good Luck
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Well first off I have to say any age animal can get ring worm. we recently had an out break at the shelter I volenteer at & the cats who ended up with it were all differnt ages. Secondly it can be hard to find on cats. Some cat's don't really show signs of it, but look for patches of dry flaky skin, sometimes the hair will be missing in the area other times it won't be. I think one of the more common places we found it was the area right in front of the ear where there isn't much hair. Maybe it's just easier to see there. Someone earlier said something about a "wood lamp" I'm not sure if this is the same thing as a black lamp, but that is what we used to find it on our kitties, but I agree the best way is to get a culture.
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