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Its a boy and three girls (I think)

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I dont have alot of time to type wright now, I just wanted to anonce the birth of the 4 newest members of our family! It is kinda hard to tell,but i think there are 3 girls. One black, two white and tabby striped patches. The boy is soo cute! he is gray striped. with some white on his face. I was so scared when he was being born because he came out backwards! He is fine though.

Yeah they are finally here!
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Hey, congratulations!
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I'm glad they're ok. Is this all of them or do you think the mom-cat might have more?
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no thats all, the last one was born at 10:30 last night. She has been up and eating this morning. This is her first litter so we have all been on pins and needles! This is also the last babies of any kind that will be born in our imediate family (until grandkids way in the future!) so we are loving every minute of this! I am so proud, I sent out birth anouncements to my family and freinds this morning!
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my congrats to you all
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Lilly- in following your posts, I know you are relieved to have found this community of cat lovers. I also know that you are aware of the large problem of cat over population that is literally world-wide. These "woods cats" are lucky they found a benefactor such as you. I do urge you that once these kittens get weaned off of mom, you take her in to be spayed as quickly as possible, making her one less female cat that cannot add to the problem.

And although we celebrate each litter of kittens that is brought to this board, and there are many members that will help you every step of the way if you need it, we are much more celebratory to learn of spays and neuters of strays and ferals and shelter cats!

Oops! I see now where you say that these will be the only kittens in your immediate future- good for you! But I leave this comment up anyway because it it the strong stance of this board, to do our best to stop the feral cat population when we can.
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I am very confused! I called the vet this morning to find out how much the first shots would be for my kittens. The vet said I should get rid of the kittens at 6 weeks and did not need to get them first shots. This was my vet that my cats go to. She also said I could get them temporary shots at 6 weeks if I wanted to. Then I called another vet who said get rid of them at 5 weeks. This is so contrary to what I have been hearing the last couple weeks. What do I do? Just take them anyway when it is time? or find another vet? or get tehm temp shots at 8 weeks instead of 6?
Thank you hissy. I have advertised the kittens for adoption at the end of January. I intend to get their first shots and worming. to cover this expense I am asking for an adoption fee. I also intend to require an adoptee to promise to get them spay/nuetered. I hope the fee and the fact that I have required this to be done will weed out potential iresponsible owners. I will also provide the prospective owners with information, such as the programs I have found through TCS. I know that I had no idea of all the programs avaliable until I came here. I would think they also would be glad of the information.
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OMG I'm shocked at the information your vets gave you. No wonder people get so confused. I'm glad you now better and have this board as a resource!
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Holy cow! I can't believe a VET would tell you that!!!

If I may offer one resource for you.... We have an Adoption Contract for rescued kitties (rescuing Mom counts too!) up on www.SaveSamoa.org, and I would highly recommend you use it, especially if you are adoping to people you don't know personally. It is the first link on the Rescue Resources Page .

Congrats on the healthy and happy babies!!
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12 weeks is the ideal time for mom and babies to be separated. By that time they have had her teach them all they need to know, they will have litter box manners and you have taught them to accept humans in their lives. Interact early with these babies, about 2 weeks from now so they won't grow up fearing humans. Their shots should start at 6-9 weeks old, and they all should go to the vet now- a better vet than the one you talked to just to have a general checkup and be sure the mom is okay and hasn't retained a kitten.

We want pics too!
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Ok I guess I have another question, actually two.

1. Is it possible that becuase my kittens are fathered by a feral cat they could be slightly...i dont know how to say it...feral themselves I guess? The reson I ask is becuase they hiss, quite a bit, in their sleep, when you touch them, I dont get it!

2. I need some thoughts on this; I have posted the kittens on petfinder with some specifications on type of owner. I posted them early so I could get to know prospective parents. I have been talking to a lady who lives quite a ways from my house. I belive she really wants a kitten and will treat it very well. She has also assured me she will get the kitten fixed and shots. She sounds perrfect. The thing is, becuase of the distance I think,(I will have to drive 4 hours to my grandmas and she will have to drive 2 hours to meet me there) She would like to pick the kitten up at 8 weeks, during the christmas break at school. (She has kids) I told her I really didnt want the kittens to go before 12 weeks old, however I like her and I think she would make a good home for a kitten.
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I think those vets are CRAZY! My vet normally says not before 8 weeks, and they can get there first sent of shots at 6-8 weeks.

My babies have a feral mom and dad adn they are all sweet as can be. Feral doesn't mean they are going to be crazy and mean. It just means they are wild.
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