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Monday DT

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Morning everyone! It's pretty unsual for me to be up this early & for me to start a DT!

Today is the first day of my new job! I'm a little nervous about it all since I don't know a soul there, but I'm ready for it. Hopefully my first day will go smoothly & with out any problems. It's just nerve racking!

Wish me luck today & hope everyone is having a happy Monday!
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Good luck Shell! I bet you will be very tired at the end of the day. But you should also be way less stressed. I thought of you this weekend, knew that today was the first day of work.

I am off today (my weekend is always Sunday and Monday), but I have meetings all day. I would rather stay home, but then I would have to vacuum and wash dishes, and do laundry,.... so maybe meetings will be more fun.
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Good morning all, and goodluck, Shell.

I have classes and work all day long... until 5p at least. I have a bunch of work that's due tomorrow that I really need to get finished this afternoon. I slacked off this weekend... no one to blame but myself.

Marshmallow hasn't been feeling well lately. He's been vomitting quite a bit in fact. My fiance is picking up some canned pumpkin for him, to make sure he's not blocked up at all... and if all else fails, I'll call the vet back and make an appointment for the little fella.

I guess I should get going on my classwork... have a great day, everyone. (=
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Happy Monday! I am so sleepy. I haven't been sleeping well again. I have been having stomach problems - probably has something to do with my change in diet.

Shell - Everyone will love you - you will do great!

I have a meeting in 30 minutes and then the same old stuff for the rest of the day. Think I am going to Swiss Chalet for lunch - Yum!

Hope everyone's Monday goes quickly and smoothly!
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Good Luck Shelle
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Good Morning Everyone!

Good luck Shell! Everything will be great and you'll make friends easily.

Julian - I hope Marshmallow feels better - sending some get well vibes your way.

Ady - I hope you get a good nights sleep tonight. Wish we all could meet for lunch!

Have a great day everybody!
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I'm sure you're doing great, Shell

I have nothing real planned for today.. Got up, did some cleaning, laundry, etc. Called career services at my school for another appt since I'm not really finding any jobs yet.. Planning on changing my own oil for the first time--eek! Or maybe I'll go somewhere, but they just overcharge soo much.

Just found out that the place I ordered flea meds from (prior post explained this) is a pretty sure thing for a deadbeat business, I think I either lost my money or have to hope paypal will credit me back. Ugh.

My mom is making this huge turkey dinner and having all of us over (me, my bf, my brother and fiance, and my dad of course) so YUM!! Can't wait, of course I don't really need to pig out but Oh well

Everyone have a wonderful day!!
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Good luck Shell !
Nothing around here for me except work !But it buys kitty food !
BTW, for all of you who asked about the "Chocolate Gravy " in yesterdays DT, check out the thread I started about it:
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Good Luck Shell!

Today- School and Housework!
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Nothing exciting for me, except that it's SO HOT! It's almost 90 degrees out, and it isn't even noon. I wish it would cool off, because I don't hav AC, and it's really uncomfortable to sleep during the day, when it's this hot. Oh how I wish I didn't work the Graveyard Shift!!!!
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Good day friends! Well, it's just another day at the OK Corale here!

Carmella has been romping about, which is a little unusual for her. Peaches tore after Henrietta again, letting her know her place (I guess). Little does Peaches know but she is about to be dunked! She is shedding a lot again so I need to bathe her. Helps keep the furballs on rugs and furniture to a minimum!

Yesterday I went to Provo with my husband to his favorite fishing spot. Several people we know were also there. Hubby fished while I caught up reading a couple of issues of Cat Fancy and went for a couple of walks. Hubby caught about 20 fish. They were coming just one after another. I heard them talking in Arabic and the "sheik" (Elder, respected one who teaches and guides) was telling them that God was blessing Rashid with a lot of fish because he brought his wife with him. Rashid said, "No way, God gave ME this gift freely!" (Note, he had a playful grin on his face when he said that.) And they sheik told him, "No Rashid, you are blessed for your actions and for spending time with your wife." It was so cute. And only Rashid knows that I understand enough Arabic to figure out what they're saying. Anyway, it was a beautiful day and I enjoyed it. Was very relaxing.

Shell, I'm wishing you luck with your new job today. Can't wait to hear all about it!

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We will have a high of 45 degrees tomorrow.
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Just got back from the gym, heard back about the INS stuff - will be in touch with the Dept of Justice, and hopefully they can help.

Working out at the gym helps with my frustrations, I take it out on the weights and the treadmill.

Am fixing to get a snack and watch the videotape of Cold Case and Law and Order:CI that I recorded last night as we were watching Matrix: Reloaded last night. Honestly, I wasn't really into it.

Been doing the laundry and cleaning out junk and preparing things to give to Goodwill - we have too much stuff around here

Have a great day you guys!
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It's raining.




A few days ago it rained 130mm in one day. the last record was 92mm back in '86. And it's STILL raining.

50 homes got evacuated due to flooding and I live in a basement suite! No problems yet though. We have insurance and so does the lady above me who owns the house.

I'm pretty much used to the rain because I live in B.C. but after such a dry summer, it's a bit of a shock to get all the rain at once.

Have to work

Have to work

Have to work...

Ok I'm gonna shower now.

Bye everyone, hope your day is full of sun!
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My day is just a normal far. I am labeling 4,000 postcards for one of the agents...this could take a couple of days though...I haven't even made a dent in the box...LOL...tonight I will be studying for my geology test that I am going to take tomorrow. Should be harder than the last one...oh well...getting pretty excited about our trip to Austin this weekend!!
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Not too busy, for a Monday. The calls were just steady. Leftovers, for dinner. Last night, the pork loin, cooked in the rotisserie turned out perfectly.
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I hope everyone had a nice day!
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