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Kitten Deworming

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My friend gave me a kitten, she is now 2 1/2 months old. My friend told me that the kitten has been dewormed once last December 13. I was thinking of having her second deworming but im having second thoughts because she's skinny right now and im worrying about her not making it during the deworming process because i was told that deworming side effects were somtimes diarrhea, vomitting, loss of appetite.

What can you say guys? should i need her get shaped up before having his second deworming?

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deworm her as sometimes being too thin can be a sign of worms if in doubt consult a vet the kitten should have been dewormed at least 3 time before hand from being about 4 weeks until 12 weeks at least that's the consensus here in the UK

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Not only is repeat dewormings normal and expected, using s gentle de-wormer like Strongid liquid (oral) doesn't have any side effects.  She should also be tested for FIV/FeLV and if she hasn'tgotten vaccinated she is due for her 1st of 3 FVRCP vaccines which are important.


If she's 2.5 months old she should weigh about 2.5 lbs.


How is her appetite?  She should be getting wet food 3x a day plus some dry especially if she appears underweight.  It sounds like she has never seen a vet.  She needs a vet visit for all the above reasons.



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yeah.gif  Stephen had some really good points.  We normally deworm kittens every 3-4 weeks from age 4 weeks up to age 16 weeks.  The CAPC recommends every 2 weeks from age 3 weeks to 9 weeks then monthly there after.

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I wormed my breeding queen before she went to stud, at about 7-8 weeks pregnant, and then with her kittens when they were 6 weeks and 500g, and again at 1kg.  She got wormed along with them as roundworm (which are the worms that affect kittens) can encyst in a cat's body and then become active again under the influence of pregnancy hormones and cross to the kittens in her milkd.  I'm in the UK and I used Milbemax for mother and kittens, which is effective against tapeworms as well.


So clearly I'm of the view that he should be wormed again ASAP, and again in 3 weeks - I bet his mum wasn't wormed before or during pregnancy.


I do hope your friend has had her spayed otherwise she may well get pregnant again.

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Thank you so much for your advice! :) she's now been scheduled on saturday for her 2nd deworming.. :) hope she'll get healthy after that..

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