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meet my babies

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I got a message that I should introduce my cats to everyone even though I have already added a post about how I am new to this site. I have two very amazing cats. 


My younger cat and the cat I have had the longest is pikachu. He is around 1 year old and he is very playful and mean but so sweet when he wants to be. 


Our other cat is a newbie to our family. We adopted him from a great no kill shelter called pets without parents. His name is Phantom and he is 13 years old. They told us when we  went in that no one even wanted to look at him because of his age but He was so lovable to my husband and I . We are still having some trouble getting him to adjust to living with a much much younger and curious cat . I am feeling better about it though after some advice I received from this site!





I am still so thankful for this site and a community full of cat lovers like myself!

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Awwww, your babies are very adorable.  Welcome to the site!

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They are adorable and it's so awesome that you adopted an older cat!
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Thank you!were having some difficulties adjusting but its gettinf better.
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Hi there welcome along to TCS :) 


Phantom and Pikachu are gorgeous :D

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Thank you all so much!!



I prob take more pictures of my cats than I do myself :p

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Aww how sweet!

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So nice to meet you, your kitties are gorgeous and its wonderful that you adopted. We adopted Bruce too. Again welcome wavey.gif
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They are cute :)

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