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OK---I have a BIG problem!!! YIKES!!!

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OMG!!! I was trying to put a new filter into the furnace--turned my back for ( I SWEAR!) 1 minute, to get the new filter, and Spike showed up and crawled into the furnace(I REALLY thought he was upstairs--sleeping!)--and THOUGHT the basement door was shut!!! Anyway, I HAD to extract him from the small opening he was trying to crawl into--and was SO afraid the furnace would kick in--and that he was REALLY trying to get up into the ductwork!!! Well, he starts YOWLING and SCREAMING and YELLING and HISSING and did NOT want me to get him back out!!! Next thing, Missy, my other kitty (who is 1/3 of Spike's weight and size) came running up to me and starts attacking me--thinking I am deliberately trying to hurt my little Spikey!!! ( I wasn't!!) Well, then Spike jumped at Missy and next thing is, THEY are in this HUGE catfight--with all the claws, teeth, and fur flying!!! OMG!!! I almost had a heart attack!!! I got them separated, and they have since, tried to get into it three more times. BUT, it is my little Missy (who is usually the "Fraidy Cat" and is older, (she's 7 years old --Spike is 1 year old) but is usually VERY timid and shy!! SHE is stalking Spike like she is going to rip into him!! EVERY time she walks around the corner, she starts this gutteral growl and yowl thing. I gave her three separate doses of that Homeopathic Anti-Anxiety drops, as this has been going on since 3pm and it is now 1:15 am!!! I am keeping them separated (this has NEVER happened since I got Spike, and he was 4 weeks old and abandoned, when I found him--and I have had Missy since she was 6 weeks old--but she was obviously here first!) But they have usually gotten along quite well. She has been rather
"Motherly" to him, although she has often treated him like an annoying little kid!!
So...my question: HOW LONG do I have to keep them separated? Does ANYONE have an experience with cats they've had together for a year, like Spike and Missy have been? I am SO upset, as I have tried to talk to each one separately, and picked them up and cuddled them and spoke softly and reassuringly. They are fine, as long as they can't see the other one! But the SECOND they catch sight of the other, the yowling, growling and stalking starts RIGHT back up!!! I sure hope someone can give me some good(fast!) advice!!! THANKS so much! p.s. Next time I have to do the filter change, I am putting a PADLOCK on that basement door!!! AAAAAKKKKKKKK!!!
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Missy was responding to the stress in Spike's meow. It got her rattled and now both of them are on edge with each other, plus Spike smells different.

If these two are bathable, I would bathe them with the same pet shampoo to take away the scents they are reacting to right now. After they are bathed and dry, I would take your perfume, and mist it in the air, stick your hands into the mist, rub them briskly then pet both cats.

Good luck!
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Oh HISSY--THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! I am going RIGHT now, to bathe them (Much to THEIR dismay, I am sure, but hopefully, this will settle them down soon!!) Thanks so much again!!!{hugs to you!}
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