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Guess What John Just Bought Me??

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SEA MONKEYS!!!! OMG i'm so excited!! I've always wanted So i add the eggs tommorow at this time as the water is purifying right now. Wish me luck!!
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Wow that's cool! I've always been intrigued by those myself!
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Good grief are those things still around? LOL I used to order them off the backs of comic books when I was a kid.
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What is a Sea Monkey ?
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Figures! You can find anything on the Internet. Talk about a blast from the past! LOL
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yeah, what are these sea monkies you speak of?
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they're little shrimp thingies that live in a tank...i ALWAYS wanted them when i was younger...maybe i should get some now??
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Thanks M.A. yeah , now I know .I got one for my son many years ago . They are so cute . Maybe I need to get me some again , I remember it was a lot of fun watching them
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Anybody have a pic?
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Click on the link that Hissy gave, and put your mouse pointer on that first page, leave the mouse pointer there for a few seconds, and an animated sea monkey will swim out and will follow your pointer around.
My son had some sea monkeys when he was small. He followed the instructions and his sea monkeys started growing really well, but one morning when he was feeding them he accidently spilled the WHOLE container. It really ruined his day!!!!!
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My kids had Sea Monkeys several years ago. . . . they're a lot of fun. . . Brine (sp?) Shrimp.
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Anyone ever watch the episode of South Park where Cartman had a city of Sea Monkeys? It was pretty funny.
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Laurie, I think they are Brine Shrimp.
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I have ALWAYS wanted some of them they are SO cute.. Are they actually real as in like us?

I'm so confused and amazed by these creatures!

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The site MaryAnne provided a link to has all the info on them- even pics of the real thing. I've decided that I'm going to order them since i wanted them so badly as a child and my mom thought they were a scam

Yay!! Sea Monkeys for Christmas for me!!!
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I want to go on that webpsage so bad but it says that the server is unavaible
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They're not exactly brine shrimp. They're a hybrid of the brine shrimp. They're the result of crossbreeding and are actaully larger and live longer than brine shrimp, (Artemia salina ). They're a species of brine shrimp and their scientific name is Artemia nyos. It's said that nyos comes from 'New York Ocean Science Laboratory' where the strain was developed.

Umm...yeah...I did own sea monkeys once. They were spilled accidentally and I cried. And that was only four months ago.
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and just to let you know- I remember they are very smelly pets-
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Originally posted by hissy
and just to let you know- I remember they are very smelly pets-
The tank has a lid but i'm worried Socks and Fluffy might get a craving for shrimp one night.
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Those are the things I feed my fish. but I would never feed them my "sea monkeys"! lol! Honey raises live Brine Shrimp for his baby fish and they look amazingly like the ones in the Sea monkey ad.
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We have a salt water lake (actually mineral water, I think), in the town I live in. There are millions of brine shrimp all over the place. Most are tiny, but some are pretty good sized. I go down there with a brine shrimp net and catch them for my fish (the fish eat them).
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Awww, You guys I want Sea Monkeys now!LOL!

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Danielle, we had two cats, and they never paid even the slightest attention to the container the sea monkeys were in. I don't remember the sea monkeys being smelley, but maybe my son's were spilled before that could happen.
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