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I keep my own cats indoors. I live in the middle of Los Angeles in a large apartment building, so even if I wished to let them out, I couldn't.

The cats we had growing up were/are indoor/outdoor cats because they were feral and came to our backdoor as strays. Over the years, the strays learned our backyard was a good bet if you wanted the comforts of a home. My parents still feed a cat who hangs out on the patio.

Problem was, they wouldn't tolerate being indoor cats after spending the first year or so of their lives in the great outdoors. So we HAD to let them out. C.C., who is 13 years-old now, never learned to use the litterbox (well, he will occasionally, but he mainly refuses to).

Ironically, the only one of the the five cats we had over the years who WASN'T born feral was the one who died as a proximate result of his outdoor living. He got into too many fights and contracted FIV. (He was neutered and a total sweetheart to us.)

I guess we felt they were safe because they'd managed to survive out there for a year or more on their own. We lived in the suburbs on a long street that was right at the start of the cul de sac, so there wasn't much traffic on the street.

Except for Licky (FIV kitty) and Snowflake who already had feline leukemia when we adopted her, the other 3 thrived. Custard lived to almost 18, despite a 4 year battle with diabetes. Dusty is now 15 and perfectly healthy and energetic. C.C. is 13 and full of energy. So, I guess it can work. As an adult with my own cats, I keep them indoors, but I understand the decision my parents had to make.
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Most definately indoor.

I live in a very busy part of London, so there is absolutely NO WAY they are stepping a foot outside my door.
Yes some people here do i think i'm mad/cruel, but there is simply no other way.
They'd simply get run over very quickly or get stolen.
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Dear rapunzel47, if you think I'm mistaken about my stats please checkout the following links.

I'm not saying that cats who are allowed to roam will die, but nationwide statistics prove indoor only cats live significantly longer than outdoor cats. If you review the feral cat site and other sites about feral cat management, you'll see that cats in managed colonies live longer healthier lives than those who aren't managed.
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I would definately say in especially if you want a healthy cat and if you breed
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