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I just had to share this with ya'll...

We have the most magnificant stud ever. Not only is he a perfect odd eyed white munchkin, but he had his first mating a few months ago, and he was okay... it took hime a bit to figure out how it works.
Now however......

It's more like having a machine....

For instance we used him this week to breed with a black van Long legged munchkin, and it was more like attaching him, we showed him to her, hadn't even put him down yet when he scruffed her, we let him go, and *poof* done...

easy as pie, and it went like that everytime 3 times for 2 days..

Best Stud EVER!!!
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Dont you just LOVE studs like that? My boy is the same way...get the job done and does it right. I have girls that REFUSE to breed with other boys, wont stand for them and will attack them! When I bring in my boy they stand for him and let him breed them.

He also doesnt spray, loves his babies and is not agressive towards anything!

Hes my best guy ever too!!!!
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and I'll jump on the bandwagon, I have a stud like this as well- Danlara! He's great and gets the job done in two minutes!

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Ah....I can rival that. My Christopher knew that if I had him in my arms and was opening the door to the girls room, that he had "business". His most spectacular breeding was with a very experienced queen, He leapt out of my arms once I was through the door, and before the gal had a clue, the deed was occuring

Another time, he was taken to a friends home, some distance away, as usual, he got car sick...once we arrived, he took about 15 minutes to compose himself and then composed a lovely litter with the queen, in their visitor's bathroom. We left, he got carsick on the way home again!

He was the best (retired for some years now) stud both for his ability, as well as quality of what he produced.
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*I edited this post, as I thought it was a bit inappropriate on my part.*
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