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Being single isn't so bad . . . .

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Hmmmm, I think I could get used to this. Not too used to it, though, I still really wanna work things out with Alex. But I could live with this for awhile . . .

Anyway, so I've been taking y'alls advice and going out with friends. I went to a party last night. Huge ego boost, I had like 5 guys following me around! I could NOT believe it! It was so much fun. And some of my guy friends who aren't attached found out I'm single and promptly invited me to go to the clubs with them and their buddies! (Is this me????) I'm kind of excited. All these new doors just opened to me, all within a few days of me and Alex breaking up!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for another guy. I still love Alex, and hope to work things out with him. But this is so much FUN, being single! And since I'm in love with a guy already, it's not like I can fall for someone else and have my heart broken there. I can just flirt a little, date casually for fun, and enjoy myself.

To top it all off, Alex and I talked today. I've been really good about leaving him alone and not calling him. I called him today to discuss when he's moving out and what he's taking, etc. I decided I wasn't going to say I loved him or missed him or anything. And what does he say at the end? "I am missing you. I still really love you. Would you like to go to dinner sometime this week?" I was like, sure. So . . . you guys were right! He DOES miss me! Yay!!

I'm so glad I took everyone's advice. I've decided to embrace this, rather than fight it. I'll just enjoy myself. Thanks, everyone! You guys are the best. I still get sad at night, but overall, I'm coping really well, I think.
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Good for you! Make sure he knows what a good time you're having. It will drive him crazy.
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Originally posted by mzjazz2u
Good for you! Make sure he knows what a good time you're having. It will drive him crazy.
You said it! Nothing like letting him know that MANY guys were lining up for a date! What an ego booster for you, Viva. The more you are having FUN and not spending your life crying, the quicker Alex will see he has to make a decision, or risk losing you.
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Viva, youve got time. I met Don seven years ago and we only got married two years ago. and if alex decides he wants to go for good, then its his loss. and from the sound of things, I dont think you will have any problems getting a guy!

forgot to add...somebody's a player...!
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I'm so glad you are going out and enjoying yourself.
You said you get sad at night.
Just cuddle your kitty and think of what you can get into tomorrow.
I hope things work out for you real soon.Hang in there.
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I think this is great that you having a good time now being single again . I agree with the othere make sure you kind of mention it to him with out boasting . He will pop of jeoleousie (sp) Good for him , maybe he will think what he will lose and what he had . My prayers will be with you
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Viva, I know it's still hard and it's gotta still hurt inside, but what fabulous news! I'm so glad you're not home alone in pain. Of course there are those moments, but that's what kitties are for.

When I left my first husband I didn't know what to do with myself. I was a lot older than you are, and most of my friends didn't live around where I did. I'm so glad you're not confronted with that problem!!!!!

And WHAT an ego boost for you! It's EXACTLY what you need. There's nothing better for improving one's self-image and sense of self-worth which can so often get lost in a relationship.

You go girl!
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Viva, sounds like you are doing pretty well for yourself! LOL I don't think I've ever had 5 guys following me around!!! You GO girl!!!

And I agree, be sure to slip that little tidbit into the conversation with Alex. It will drive him NUTS that you aren't withering away without him.
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Thanks, guys.

Also, I forgot to mention . . . my college has a 4:1 guy to girl ratio . . . so single women have it made! So my "5 guys" really isn't anything special, given there couldn't have been more than a dozen women at the entire party! It still made me feel really good though.

Still, regardless of WHO follows me around, Alex is still who I day-dream about. *sigh*

And I think I will let that slip to him, I want him to know I'm not sitting on my hands, waiting for him to come back!
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Oh Viva honey I'm SO proud of you, Good on yah girl for going out and having some fun!

I hope you and Alex can work it out!

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Way to go Viva!!!!
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It's good to know you're doing well and not dwelling on the hurt. It's great that you're not sitting at home alone and that you're gettting out and having some fun.
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Viva - hopefully both of you will grow and learn from this experience to make you a stronger couple. It is better that this is happening now instead of after the wedding!
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