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Ah...hem May I have your Attention Please?

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The winner of the Free Cat Food for a Year has contacted me and asked to pass this on to someone who can really use it. I sent her the names of the regulars here who rescue or work with ferals and or shelter cats and the NEW WINNER is House of Cats!!!!!

Thank You Suzy- I know that Lisa will be thrilled and I will contact her via email now!
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Suzy that was so very very nice and thoughtful of you to do!!!!

Congrats to Lisa!
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Suzy that was so sweet of you .
My congrats to House of Cats
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How wonderful!
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Wonderful, generous and classy!
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Congratulations and that was Very Kind of you Suzy!!

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Very nice!
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AWWWWW that is so so wonderful of you Suzy. Bless your heart!
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Thanks Hissy for setting this up in the first place. And a big THANKS to all of you who do so much work with cats that need help.

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That's so sweet! Congrats!
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Just got a PM asking whose names were submitted and the criteria. We tried to go with those that we knew for a fact do rescue, that have a substantial number of legitimate postings.

The names were LDG- Sid_the_Cat Man- Princess Purr- Mom of Many- Mom of 10- House of Cats-lotsofcats- Debby- Charms Dad and sicycat

Suzy took the names and did the drawing- and again Suzy thank you for your wonderful generousity!
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Suzy, that was so cool and thoughtful of you!!!! It's so nice when thoughtful people do wonderful things for others. That sure brought a smile to my face.

Congrats, Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That's such a sweet thing to do!

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Congrats Suzy!!!!
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Thank you Suzy for doing such a wonderful thing!
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That was very sweet! Congratulations House of Cats!
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Aw, Suzy, what a lovely thing to do. This shows what a real community we have at TCS, its all about the cats! Someone wants to donate a prize, the prize goes to the cats that need it the most.
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That was such a nice gesture, Suzy! Congratulations, House of Cats!
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Congratulations to the winners!
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Congrats! What a wonderful gesture!
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OMG!!!OMG!!!OMG!!! I can't believe it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! The feral colony will be thrilled. We feed around 35-40 daily in the park so this will really be helpful!
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Well Suzy-

Thanks for thanking me. But the client is the one to thank. It was his representation of Purina that allowed him to offer this to us.
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Suzy...that was a kind and thoughtful gesture on your part.

Congrats HouseofCats!
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That's so cool Suzy! Congrats Houseofcats!!
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