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Nimbus has taken the cuddle attack to a whole new level

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ever since nimbus was a baby he would jump into our arms (with his claws in). So me and him have been working on it. Now when I make a kissing sound no matter where he is he will come running and jump right into my arms we are also working on distance. He can jump from the bed into my arms when i'm about 6 feet way. I'm going to try to get rich to take a picture of him in mid flight. He is only six monthes old now so he should be really good at it once he is full grown. Only bad part is he is almost as big as moemoe so he might end up being a 20 pound cat, when he jumps he is going to knock me over
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as long as he keeps his claws in...! that would be great photo. cant wait for it!
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he is so good with his claws. On time I was getting a drink and he did it and just slide right down the front of me because I didn't catch him no claws either! I would not trust any of the other cats with that trick, they all jump with claws out OUCH!
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I hope you do get a picture of that! It would be cute to see it!
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awwwwww how cute . I am sure it would be a great picture to look at .
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Definately would love to see that!
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Awwww! Too cute! Can't wait to see the pics!
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That is so cute Val! You could be on David Letterman with that one.
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Val, that is too cute!!!!! I'm not getting my hopes up - but we MIGHT have a "shoulder" kitty on our hands here, LOL!

Since seeing a pic of it, Gary has always wanted a kitty that would perch on his shoulder as he walked around. We were at the vets a couple of weeks ago, and this guy walks in with this cat on his shoulder. She just sat there the whole time until we had to go - and they came out around when we did - and there she was, up on his shoulder. We asked him how he trained her to do that, and he didn't! She just did it.

Today I was typing away on the computer, and Flowerbell crawled up my back and onto my shoulder! FORTUNATELY, Val, Flowerbelle is probably always going to be teeny, so if she decides she likes perching on shoulders, we won't have to contend with a 20 pound monster, LOL!

Looks to me like you're going to have to start working out. If he's going to get that big - you'd better be ready for it, LOL!

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omg!! That is tooo cute!! I would LOVE to see a pic of that
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Val I hope tonight you're home working on getting a pic of that trick!!
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That's really cute Val!
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That's neat Val. I've taught my kitties little tricks but nothing big like that! Good for you! Can't wait for the pics.
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That would be an awesome picture. Can't wait to see Nimby doing that
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Trust nimby to have hidden talents! Can't wait to see a pic!
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That's just too funny about Nimbus!! I see a new name used in the forum, kind of like the "Hissy Grab", but would be called the "Nimbus Leap" (to indicate a cat so excited by loving they leap into your arms)! LOL

My Muddy doesn't leap, but stands on his hind legs until you pick him up to cuddle and I see him becoming quite the shoulder rider!
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