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2months old persian kitten with wet and smelly butt

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hello guys! :) it's my first time keeping a persian kitten. My kitten always have a wet butt and sometimes smelly, is this normal for a kitten with long fur? is this because she's just too young to clean herself? do i need no trim his butt fur? or maybe she has diarrhea? her poop is kinda soft and wet.  i would like to have your opinions and advice about it.

Thanks in advance :)

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Hi Karl, welcome to TCS.


Cat poop should not be soft and runny.  It should sort of look like a tootsie roll, if you know what candy that is.  Firm, not loose.  The fact that your kitten is having soft stools would indicate that either the food being fed is the problem or, he has some kind of medical reason.


How long has this been going on?  Have you taken her to see the vet yet?  That would be the first course of action I would take to rule out any infections infestations such as worms, etc.


If she is healthy, I would look into the type of food she is being fed as this could cause the problem.


Also, you can trim the fur on her backside if you are careful or bring her in for a professional grooming to have some of it cut away so it does not lodge in there.  I have a long haired cat and on occasion poop will get caught.  We've had to bathe her once completely because of it and the other time, I was able to just cut it out (again, be very careful doing this).


It is not usual for a long haired cat to smell any more than a short hair.  Cats keep themselves pretty clean regardless of hair length, unless there is some problem which prevents it.  I would say, however, it's possible that the kitten hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet being so young but I'm not familiar enough with kittens to say how to go rectifying that.  I'm sure someone else might be able to and hopefully someone who has kitten experience will be able to advise on that aspect better than I.

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I agree with sivyaleah, My persian doesn't ever have a wet or smelly butt. He keeps himself overly clean. The only instance was when he had a food issue and it was giving him diarrhea. It was a mess...... definitely look into the food your cat eats and maybe it is time for a vet visit. You can trim his butt area but it really shouldn't be necessary. Also its good to start giving him baths and grooming early in his life so he gets used to it. Persians need a good amount of attention with their fur so it is a good habit for both of you to get into. In my experience persians can often have stomach and intestinal issues. My sister had my cats brother and he passed away from intestinal issues. Not to get you all worried but it is something to keep an eye on.

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thanks for your replies! :) i visited a vet, my vet prescribed my kitten a small dosage of metronidazole for her poop problem. i just started giving it to her last night, and then this morning she vomited twice. i researched that metronidazole has some bad effects for cats and sometimes dangerous, should i continue giving it to her? our vet prescribed it for 7days.

has any of you tried it? or any of you have experienced giving it to cat? should i continue giving it to her?

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I have heard of it, never have used it. I do know it can cause vomiting. I'm not a vet, so I can't tell you either way. I wouldn't be comfortable giving that type of advice. From my own research it seems alright in small doses over a short period of time. As I said though, I can't give you medical advice like that. If you are concerned perhaps consult a different vet. I know that is all $$$ but such is the life of an animal owner. I hope for the best for your little one. I will consult a vet friend of mine today, see what she thinks.

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We used the medication once on a shelter kitten with very severe diarrhea.  That's another story but the medication was well tolerated. What I did not know then was that the problem was a parasite (the vet hadn't found it) and one treatment did not take care of it. The vet had said stress... I believe it was later said to be coccidia. 


Anyway, my late, beloved calico had rather long hair and a tendency to catch things in the spring that gave her some "issues." Then it was "butt trim" time and we just held her and trimmed her up with the scissors (Fiskars makes some that aren't pointy). I would try to rule out any physical issues though - obviously vets can miss some things. Some long-haired cats do have a little trouble with tidiness though :)

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thought I would come back and post after I talked to my vet friend. She said she didn't believe the treatment was too aggressive and it can be given to kittens but to contact the vet to express your concerns about the vomiting because if the kitten is just vomiting it up it might not be effective. She also said she can't encourage you to stop not seeing any blood work or stool tests, though it could be a deworming issue. In the mean time she encouraged to switch to low carb wet food. Some kittens have intolerance to carbs and she just encourages wet food in general. She didn't recommend any particular brand. There is a section in the cat nutrition section of this site that has links to comparison charts for cat food. Might want to look into that. Best of luck to you!

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Having owned a few Persians. In my experience when they were kittens they seemed to have a problem with finding the right food for them..None of mine could eat any cat food with fish..They do best with chicken or turkey..No milk or dairy products! Don't keep switching different brands and flavors with them....Find what they tolerate the best and stick with that brand and flavors....It wouldn't hurt to trim the fur around their bottom abit untill you get the loose stools under control..As to the med making your kitten sick.It could your vet..Why did the vet decide on that med? Did he do any stool test?

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Thank you so much for your replies, very much appreciated! My kitten had her stool test because her poops is soft, wet, and has some blood in it, the vet didn't find any problems on her poop but she gave us this medicine, she said there might be wound inside her poop track that caused the blood. I called my my vet yesterday and told him about the vomitting and asked if her i need to continue the medication, she said yes and bring my kitten back there again after a week for improvement checkup.


my other concern is, i was asked to give her .5ml every 12 hours (which means twice intake a day). but due to that vomitting, although i was asked to give it to her twice a day i just gave it to her once a day. i didn't say it to my vet, because i think my kitten will get weak because she always throws up what she ate after having her medicine.

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straying from what the vets says could be bad from the kitten after all they are trained professionals did you mention that she was vomiting after each dose to the vet unless you give them all the parameters of the problem they can't help you effectively.

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Originally Posted by StephieDoodle View Post

straying from what the vets says could be bad from the kitten after all they are trained professionals did you mention that she was vomiting after each dose to the vet unless you give them all the parameters of the problem they can't help you effectively.

I agree. It is only a week until you have to go back to the vet, stay as close to the regiment if you can. I can totally understand your concern about your kitten. Perhaps putting a little bit of water in her food, just make sure she is drinking water to stay hydrated. I'm sure your kitten will come around in time. I do find persians can have issues when they are young. As I said before my cat's brother passed away because of stomach issues. I don't say it to scare you but my cat had similar issues and he is now 9 years old and is one of the greatest parts of my life. This early attention will give her a better bond to you. Just keep your attention on her and her stool so you can give a full report to your vet. If you are really in disagreement with your vet about the regiment, go and get a second opinion from a different one. I know it can cost some dough, but it will be well worth it. Believe me, I used to go to a ridiculously expensive vet. He apparently did a lot of work in hollywood from all the pictures in his office of him with celebrities. I found someone else who in my opinion was way better in attention, knowledge, caring and cost. Check some reviews of different vets in your area, perhaps ask neighbors who have animals where they take theirs. You may find someone who explains things better and you find to be better for you and your kitten. As always good luck you and your little girl!

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