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Step Back Jack

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Step Back Jack was a silver streak persian. Someone gave him to us back in July. Jack quickly became a very loved family member. He slept with my husband and me every night. He played FBI agent whenever we walked thru the house, following us part of the way, then running in front of us and looking around as if to say "it's ok, it's safe, you may go now!" A week ago this past Friday, I took Jack to the groomers--I'd never been to them--to have him "beautified". He needed bathing and his nails clipped and teeth brushed. I dropped Jack off at 9:30 and at 11:30, I told my daughter to call and just check on Jack. I'd never had his groomed since I'd had him. The groomer wouldn't talk to her. The groomer called me on my cell phone and told me "I don't know what happened. He passed away." I went over to get him. She said he had a seizure or heart attack. All they were doing was brushing him. There were dogs fighting in the back. I don't know what happened to my baby. My aunt works at an animal shelter. She thinks that maybe they used paramite and it overwhelmed Jack. I don't know. I miss my kitty. Hubby got me Magic to help lessen the loss. No other cat could ever replace Jack. May he rest in kitty heaven with all my other babies.
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I am so sorry of you loss ((((HUGS)))) may he RIP
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I'm so sorry. That's just awful. How old was your cat? It seems pretty odd that he passed away like that, if you ask me.
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Oh God, I lived this nightmare awhile ago. I lived it for three days before Bartee passed. I urge you to go to your groomers in a calm and reasonable manner and ask him and her to look closely at the shampoo they used on your Jack. Look for the ingredients, tea tree oil would be one. If the shampoo was indeed toxic and the cat was fighting the bath and ingested dirty water in the fight- it could indeed be the reason. I say this not to have you sue anyone, I never sued this groomer. But just to open more eyes that sometimes pet products are really not all that safe for pets.

I am so sorry for your loss- so dreadfully sorry-
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Thanks everyone. Jack was 4 years old. Very healthy.

The groomer hadn't even started his bath. They were only brushing him. There were big dogs in the back. I think between the dogs fighting and whatever they were using to dip them in is what caused Jack to pass away. My dad had said to take Jack in to the vet's for an autopsy. But I couldn't bring myself to do it. I wish I had of.
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Bartee was 5- Again, I am dreadfully sorry for your loss.
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OMG...I am so sorry for your loss. I never heard of anything like that happening May God be with your beautiful baby.
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This is so horrible. Poor Jack just 4 years old, and poor you. I lost my dear friend Toby some weeks ago now, and I know it's just a terrible feeling, I'm so sorry.

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Oh! I'm so sorry for your loss!
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OMG, I'm so so so sorry! What a terrible thing to have happen - so sudden and horrible. You're in my thoughts. This is so sad.
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That's just so awful! I am so sorry!
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