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How many cats do you have? (feral and all)

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Lets see what is the most common amount of cats here on the site.
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I have 3 - Two Siamese, and 1 Bengal kitten.
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I have 2, Sammycat a Manx and Oscar a Tabby
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12 altogether

8 inside:
1 is one I've had for 6 years and was not at all feral.
5 were feral kittens
2 would have been if I hadn't gotten them very early

Have 4 outside:
2 are stray tom cats(now neutered)
1 is neighbor's neutered cat but he stays here and goes in/out
1 is a feral I caught at around 1 year old(she is littermate to 2 of the one's I have inside).I got her spayed and let her go back out.She does pretty good about letting me pet her.She comes up to me and meows.She just don't like to be picked up at all.
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I have 2 cats, a DSH (Felicia) and a Burmese (Beau).
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We just have one for now but plan on getting a
kitten soon
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11 Kitties Here!!
All Inside Kitties...

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I have 3 cats: Faline (with a tortishelle back and tabby legs), Simba the Siamese and Nala the calico. They all can be seen pictured in my signature.
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I have about 15 cats right now....way too many for living in town! I couldn't catch the mama's before they got pregnant, so now I have lots of cats...but they are all needed/wanted somewhere, so that's good. Our "regulars" are Shorty (inside/outside), Rascal outside, Pepe outside and Zeb outside. Plus all the kitties (about 4 months old now)....so Pepe and Zeb are getting caught and taken to the vet...hopefully before Christmas!!! No more kitties! As nice as they are, it's just way too many!
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I have two cats Corkscrew and Tibby
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I said 5 because it will be Thursday!
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Luna is an only kitty!
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I guess I have 3

Zoey & Saki my indoor babies and Prego my stray/feral
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I just have my little Spike.
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I fully own Nine.

But own quite a few in partnership.
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I have officially 7 cats and 1 semi-feral. This number varies weekly though depending on what the cat drags in literally at work but I try and find other homes for any new babies now.

Quote by sicycat:

"I guess I have 3 " LMAO at you Sicy! I am so glad to hear you finally admit it!!
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Hubby's 1, my 3, and 1 outdoor feral.

My feral kitty has been moved with me twice, and has been faithfully hanging around the porch for about 7 years now, but is still scared to come indoors.
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We have 8
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Tess, how did you move the feral with you? That's so great that you took him with you. I'm just curious about how he oriented himself in the new territory. I guess he didn't try to go back to the old place, even though his instincts probably told him to. I have a couple of ferals I feed, and wonder what I'd do if I had to move.
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Actually, thinking back on how it was done, I realized I've only moved her once - sorry for the mistake.

I put her in the garage & kept her inside there for a week. She wasn't too happy about it, but I needed to be sure she wouldn't run away & get lost. I fed her canned food (she usually gets dry, so that was a treat) in a few bowls around the garage, along with her regular bowl of dry, and didn't clean one of her litter boxes during the last few days she was closed in the garage. I used a really fine-grained litter & put some leaves on top so it wouldn't seem too strange to use a litterbox. Then, right before letting her out of the garage on a really nice day, I put the bowls of food outside (I hadn't washed them for a few days so they would smell familiar) - one on the porch where I planned to feed her, one on each side of the house, and one near the back door. Then I scattered some poop from her litterbox in various hiding places around the yard near the house. Sounds disgusting, but I wanted her to know that this was her new place. I made sure to stay home on the day I let her out, so I could hang around outside & make sure she knew I was there. I was really afraid she would leave, but she didn't!

She also had a little cuddler bed she liked on the porch at the apartment - I brought it (unwashed of course) and put it in the bushes under the overhang of the new porch for her, next to her food & water bowls.
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Just Mittens

(I have my cat from childhood still, but he lives at my mom's)
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I only have Patches.
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Well I have 23 all together . But next door to the right is one more who come to eat and now have 2 more to the left and who knows if they come to eat . I know there has some fighting going on since there are here , so I asume they come too . Then there are some behind my house behind my ditch a house they have a few and I know some of them come to eat here to . Oh yes I have a new neighbour with one cat and not sure if he is comming too ? But know for sure he/she is a outsite cat since they had a new baby .So how many do I have
Maybe all together 29 plus ??? But not so sure hmmmm I know I feed more to the outsite cats lately . We also have some feral (?)around here , but they only come at night . I also notice a bossum eating there and gotten kind a fad We also have a Armatello (sp) , but I don't know if he/she would eat cat food .Hmmmmmm , well I really don't know . The only thing I know that I need more food lately . I usualy buy 4 big bags of nutra , differend kind of flavor . Now I am ready by saturday (latest) to buy again food if it last . One week to early for sure .
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Just one. Although I don't know that I would say I have him - he seems pretty sure that he is in charge.
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5 all siamese!!!!!!!!!!
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2 indoor kitties--Magic, the smoosh face persian with giant fangs..... Toe-B, short haired domestic with white patches and white feet.

5 outdoor kitties--Velvet, calico; Elvis, short haired tabby, Tally and Bubbles which are sisters, one is white & long haired and the other short haired orange, and Minx is arriving soon....white haired with 1 green eye and 1 blue eye

Then, we have CatDog...female kittie that is scared to death of everybody..She's been here since another cat had her about 3 years ago. Can't catch her to feed or to spay her.

I feed every single stray that comes here. Usually, we end up keeping them for a long time. Right now, this is the least amount of cats we've had. I used to have 24 back in 1999.

So, I guess we've got 8......or maybe they've got us.....
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2...but if i can sweet talk DH...would love a 3rd one!!!
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3. All white and tabby mixes, 2 are DSH and 1 is DMH.
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I only have 2 right now.
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I have 3 indoor kitties and 5 ferals! A new feral just showed up today, he came up the stairs to eat! One of my ferals has been living outside for over 3 years, he won't come to me, but he will come up the stairs to eat.
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