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I changed cat foods

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I am in the process of changing my kitties from eating science diet to Wysong. Today was the first day I fed them some of the Wysong and they loved it! The majority of the food in the dish was still SD since I want to change them over gradually but I have never seen them eat so fast before, Corkscrew starting picking out the pieces of Wysong. I was worried that they weren't going to like it, so I'm glad that won't be a problem. I'm also going to be giving them Wellness canned food instead of the science diet, so let's hope that they like it. I let you know how it goes after their dinner feeding. I like that since my boss sells these foods she can deliver them to me which will save me lots of money. Every time I go to petsmart saying I'm only going to buy food I end up walking out with lots of things that I don't really need, like that $5 copy of Cat Fancy!
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Let us know how they like wellness and if you like if tor them. I actually ordered some online for the first time and it isn't here yet. I was actually going to order some Wysong from petco online first but for some reason the web site wasn't processing my order right so I gave up and went to another place that only sells wellness. I have also been feeding them the Dick Van Patten food and I like that a lot so i might just end up sticking with that, I was to test things out for a bit.
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I gave the kitties the wellness canned food for dinner and they LOVED it! Corkscrew usually only finishes about half of his can food but today he licked his bowl clean! I'm so happy that they like the new foods I am switching them over to.
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I'm also trying to switch from Science Diet to Wysong at the moment. I'm also trying some California Natural though one of the cats doesn't seem to like that very much. My cats seem addicted to the Science Diet, I hope they will eventually eat the Wysong. I've tried the California natural wet and the cats really liked that, though I think they'd eat any wet food I sat out in front of them hehe

How are your cats doing on the Wysong?
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I'm glad Corkscrew likes the Wysong/Wellness. I currently have Nakita on Wellness and she loves both the dry and wet foods.

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Wellness is being "smuggled" into the European Union. A lot of people whose cats have food allergies have discovered it, and have besieged the producer with emails. Some pet food stores have also tried to talk the producer (Mother Hubbard?) into exporting, but the company just "isn't interested in exporting at this time". I was in the U.S. in August, and "signed out" on a German forum beforehand. I ended up bringing about $100 worth of cat food back with me, and the customs official who checked my bags just laughed and said, "When is this company going to wise up? It could make a fortune over here." Any U.S. or Canadian company that produces premium cat or dog food could certainly make a killing over here.
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Woodsygirl they are both doing very well on the new food
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Wow, jcat! That's too bad about the Wellness food. I found it in a feed store here, after hearing about it on TCS. The cats went bonkers over it, and it does smell really good, too. I sniffed it when I opened the can, and it smells almost like something I wouldn't mind eating. I gave my husband a sniff, too - he said 'Mmm...that smells pretty good. What is it?' It doesn't have that 'cat food' odor, it smells like turkey & pumpkin.
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