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Hello! I joined several days ago but thought I'd read some of the posts or threads as you call them, before I chimed in.

I have three cats. Two are brother and sister,black. One large and skinny,male. His name is Termite, as he was just one week and one day old when I found him. No I didn't take him, the mother deserted him. One is short stubby female,and believe it or not, the mother dropped her off when she was about sox weeks old. Her name is Lizzy. The other cat is their half brother(same mother). He large(20lbs.), a mix of tabby and large white spots. His name is Max. Termite and Lizzy are 15 years old and Max is 14.

I have had other cats but more about them at some other time.

I am a wife, mother and grandmother. Retired from a bank, where I worked in bookkeeping for almost eight years.

Love cats!!!!
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Glad you found us here at The Cat Site. You'll find great people here and lots of helpful information. Your cats sound really neat, especially the one that is tabby with white spots. I'd love to see a pic!

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I'll echo Dawn! Welcome! It's always nice to see new people! You'll love this place. It's full of friendly people and great advice. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your posts and possibly pictures of your furbabies too?

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Love the name Termite by the way! Would love to see pics of your cats, is that possible?
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Sorry no pictures, at this time no, didgital camera and I don't know how to otherwise. Maybe when I learn how to do that.

Termite got his name because he was so small. Guess I should have named him Horse. He has long legs like a race horse.
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Welcome Lilyrose!!! So nice to have you with us!! this is a great site and there is always loads of good stuff going on!! Do join in as often as you can!! We always love to hear from new members! I have a BIG black cat too - aren't they just the cutest?!! (well they're all cute but Im byas!! :laughing: )

Heres a welcome party for you!! :pinky: :pinky:
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Just want to join in and welcome you to our family!

I have 2 cats (for now), Cagney is a black and white 2 1/2 yr old tuxedo female, who recently foiled my attempts to have her spayed by going into heat and running off, just 3 days before her spay appointment, she is now expecting.: (horrible run-on sentence, I apologize)

I also have an 18 week old black and white tuxedo female (theme here) named LilyBelle, who is such a delight...sweet one minute, and a total lunatic the next...she really keeps Cagney and I on our toes!

Look forward to seeing more posts from you, and Lily says she likes your name!

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Hi Lilyrose.

I love that name. It sounds so delicate. I just joined this site and find it to be interesting and the people friendly. There are a lot of options you can use in the way of icons, smilies and attachments. I have a grey and white Tuxie, named Smokey. His picture in on the pictures of beautiful cats thread. A picture of me is on the members thread. Hope to see your posts and kitties.
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Thanks for the smilies welcome party, bodlover. Its so nice to be welcomed into your group.

I chose the name lilyrose because those are two of my favorite flowers. :daisy: :flower:

Thanks again everyone!!!! And thank you Anne for such a great site.

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lilyrose.....Welcome here!!!! Tell us more about yourself!!!!
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Well, I'm a wife, mother and grandmother. My Jerry and I have been married (2nd for both of us) for 32 years on Aug.29th. He has 3 boys and 1 girl and I have 2boys. Between us we have 10 grandkids.

We decided that 6 kids was enough so we got a siamese kitten. A chocolate point. Buttons - we had her for 15 years, then she got cancer.

Well I don't want to bore you with all my life story, right now, I'll save that for another time.

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lilyrose(Carol) thanks for telling us a little about yourself...and don't worry.....we WANT to hear your life story! That is if you want someone to tell it to! That's what friends are for!
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Welcome Lilyrose, glad to have you at the site. I'm fairly new myself.
I lived in Findlay for 25 years, moved little over a year ago.
I have 3 3 month old kittens, 2 male and 1 female.
Glad to have you here.

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Welcome, lilyrose, I'm sorta new here too. I retired from the Army in 1991. Have Salem, Smoky and adopted Toby yesterday. (We're still getting to know him and hes still under the bed making it harder.)
You'll like it here.
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Just to add my welcoming wishes!

Hope you like it here and post a lot!
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