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Pregnant feral cat

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I feral cat that I have been feeding is now pregnant. Overtime she started coming inside eating, taking a nap, then right back out she goes. She was very poor when she showed up here and I thought I was finally fatting her up but guess what her babies are fatting her up. Last Friday she came inside and I would not let her back out. She has fallen off of every window seal in the house, she goes to both doors and cries. Anyone have any ideas what will make her happy? She has on room with about 7 birthing boxes all shapes, sizes and fabrics. She want get in any of them she only sleeps on the carpet. Please don't tell me she is going to have her kittens on my carpet!!! Help!!!!
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My own cat showed no interest in nesting until when she actually had her kittens.  Don't worry.  It would have been best, however, if you had taken her for spaying when you started feeding her.


Has she been wormed?  If not this is necessary, and it is necessary to worm her and the kittens against roundworm at 3, 6 & 9 weeks.  Panacur is fine and in the UK where I live is available online without visiting the vets.  Most people use the paste for kittens.  You need to know about how much they weigh to give the right dose.

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Some useful links which I stole shamelessly from my collegues


 One from this site:    ( This is a link to a group of articles on cat pregnancy, birth and kittens.   Read the ones on normal cat birth and on " when to wait and when to worry"  )



Good luck!

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Thank you for the advice I have contacted the vet and they are trying to work her in on Tuesday. Did I mention when I started feeding her, she was feral and hissed at me everytime I walked out the door. No way wad I trying to pick her up lol
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I do have homes for 2 of the kittens not sure how many she is having, but no female kitten nor momma cat will be going outside until we make a trip to the vet for spaying. I just wish she wouldn't cry so much to get outside!!
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I came home from work today to find Gracie in one of her nesting boxes. Woohoo!! i am getting very nervous hoping everything goes well. She's not in labor but getting closer.
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Anyone wanna guess how much longer Gracie has?
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Stray/feral cat due any day I think. She has white powder on her teats and her stomach has dropped, I'm so afraid she is going to have them when I'm at work. She just picks at her food and goes from door to door wanting out. I have worked really hard to get her healthy, well from injury she had when showed uo, and still trying to build up trust with here. I'm a complete bundle of nerves any advice?
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What can I do to help my pregnant cat not be so mean??? She will only let me touch her head . I was scratching her head when I was bringing my hand down I touched her leg, she pounced on me and bit me.
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You can't.  She is big & physically uncomfortable, and fairly new to you.  Let her dictate what happens, spend time with her, let her come to you not the other way round.

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Thank you! First experience with a cat let a lone feral and pregnant cat. This is all new to me and I'm a nervous wreck!
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Ah, no need to be a nervous wreck, we are here to help you through it!


She may have a bit more to go, maybe another couple weeks even. You will know by her behavior.


Younger cats don't seem to get huge like they swallowed a cantelope, but adult cats can and will sometimes. Jeez I had one who I just could NOT imagine would be able to get any bigger or she would explode, literally@ She had 7.

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I guess it's the anticipation that makes so nervous. Not knowing when she's due. I appreciate everyone trying to help me out. I've done a lot of research the last of couple of weeks that's for sure. I've kinda gotta attached to her and just want it all to be good a last experience for her. Lol I've contacted the vet and gotten all the info to get her spayed when the kittens are 6 weeks. Hopeful her and I can be friends at done point. Lol
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Nesting ?

Today Gracie has been nesting all day. She has only eaten about 5oz's of food all day, she is drinking lots of water.
She climbed in her litter box but did not use the bathroom. She then jumped out and started scratching the puppy pad
I have under the litter box. Other than that she has either been in her box or laying on the floor in front of it.
I have checked on her from time to time today and she always has a scared look on her face.
Any one have advice on this strange behavior?
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Pregnant cat acting like she's in heat

I'm so confused right now to what's going on with Gracie! She's is 7-9 weeks pregnant and tonight she was rolling on the floor, pupils dilated and purring like she was in heat. I went over to her and started to pet her she through her paws up like she was going scratch me. She then went to the door scratching on it, meowing wanting outside. I had to scolled her to keep her from clawing the door down. lol what does she do 5 mins. later, same thing!!! This went on for about 30 mins. Anyone have ideas on this strange behavior???
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Could be one of to things. First maybe she is in heat. I learned mine was pregnant and was in heat but that was esay on in pregnancy. Do maybe yours was too. 2nd may she will go into labor soon. Just a guess on both things stated here cuz I am just learning this behavior.
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Good luck with the kittens and the pregnancy
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Thank you. This has been a hard road for the both of us and I have some scars to prove it! lol I don't know that she will ever fully trust me, or even bond with me at all. But, there is one less homeless cat out there and this will be the last time she reproduces. I will continue to care for her and hopefully she will let me do the same for her kittens.
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Still not sure when Gracie is due, still begs to go outside . I'm thinking she is not due for another couple of weeks but have been seeing movement in her belly for a week today. It's a beautiful day here, I was wordering if anyone thought it would be a bad idea to let her out for a bit? I feel so bad for her she is so unhappy!
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How is Gracie now. I guess you must still be waiting for the kittens. Has the vet checked her.
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No she has not seen the vet I have thou. lol The closes vet is about 35 mins away.
They have no opens on saturday until the first weekend in February. I have to take her on Saturday because they close before I get off during the week.
I went on my lunch hour and picked up a few things for her. Had a chance to talk with them and explain the situation.
She has not had her kittens!!!!! I can see them move, she still tries to find away outside, she just sleeps and eats.
lol had to buy her a bigger litter box to many accidents outside of the one she has due to her being so big.
just don't know how to handle all this I try to help her and she want allow me to.
For instance she has poop on her right now and she will not let me get it off. Thank you for checking on her.
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Gracie's having her kittens!!!!
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So far 3
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5 kittens now
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Holy moly I want ever do that again! I'm to tired tonight to even explain , 7 kittens!!!
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What a beautiful fur pile. Congratulations.
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Lol thank you! They just kept coming I broke out in a cold sweat after the 5 th one and she was still having contractions. She shunned the first one and I didn't realize it until the 3rd one was born. I removed it, cut the cord, and warmed it up. When I gave it back to her she cleaned it and started nursing it. She only cut the cord on the 2nd,3rd,and 4th baby. I'm sure why she didn't help the others unless she was just tired.
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