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Armed and dangerous

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My husband is so strange! Last night every time we walked past the cat post, Noddy would reach out, claws out and grab our shoulders. The post is in the corner of the room near the only doorway to the kitchen and the rest of the house, so it isn't like there is an alternate route.

I was cleaning, and tired of getting snagged, I only have so many shirts to wear! So I asked Mike to take our weapon down and distract Noddy long enough so I could actually make headway in cleaning.

Mike takes Noddy down and as he holding her,Noddy reached out to snag me as I was nearby. So Mike starts following me in my housekeeping duties with this goofy look on his face and Noddy held out in his arms like she is a loaded pistol or something, and Noddy kept snagging me. It may sound dumb, but it was pretty funny that he would even think to do this with a loaded and claws ready kitten! Noddy was totally in her element riding in his arms purring and reaching out to mom! LOL
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That's so funny It's like something out of "Everybody love Raymond" I can see the whole thing in my head
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That Noddy is really a character. You're husband sounds like he's got a bit of the devil in him as well.
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that is so funny . Now who enjoy that more , your hubby or Noddy
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So....would that be clawrmed and dangerous?
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thats (mostly) funny. Amber was on her perch one time and I bent down to get a toy to play with her. Well, my head was too close to her and she hooked me. a little blood, nothing big. i have since learned to give a wide berth when around her play gym!
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LOL!!!! That's too cute!
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LOL Mary Anne! That's pretty funny!
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I wonder who was encouraging who? Noddy or Mike?
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ROTFL! Now I'm going to have a picture of that in my mind all day, making me snicker! I would love to see a video of that.
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