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Leaving mom

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Firstly i would like to thank all of you who replied to my last two posts. For those of you who have been following my story, you will know that unfortunatly my friend lost one of her three kitten litter due to a flea infestation. I am happy to say, however, that the remaining two are comming on in leaps and bounds thanks to the advice we were given . However, we have come to a bypass. This being the first litter we have ever encountered, we are unsure about at what age we can seperate the youngsters from the mother kitty. My last cat was given to me much to early (the vet estimated she was 3 weeks old!) but i had been told that if they didn't have homes they would be put to sleep as the 'breeders' no longer wanted the hassel Due to this Dink was always a funny kitty, i feel that this was due to the fact that the whole ordeal was traumatic to her. Unfortuantly she passed away on the 3rd of this month at the young age of 17 months. We think she was poisoned. She was greatly loved and is very much missed. Due to the fact that my home now feels empty (my 10 rodents just cant compensate for a cat) i have agreed to take on the one kitten she can not keep. He has been affecionatly named Bruce. I already have brought him a big cosey bed and his feedbowls, i cant wait to get him home. However, because of Dink's rocky start i want to make sure that i give him the best start possible in life. He seems much more advanced than his sister, he is eating like a trouper and drinking well, but is still occasionally taking milk from mom, whereas his sister will not yet take soilds, and will only sip at water. He is aproximatly 5 and a half weeks old now....how long till i can start spoiling my new firbaby and bring him home? (P.S. please excuse my spelling)
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Kittens should stay by their mom till their about 12 weeks old , so the mom can teach them in everything what is needet in life . Bruce is much to young now to leave his mom and sister . It also will help both kittens to learn from each other and interact with other cats . I know you are excited and want to bring the cutie home asap , but I recoment to wait for the kittens and moms sake .
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