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Uncle Fester is going in for surgery

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He says all they are going to do is lube his tranny! But actually they are going to be replacing his pacemaker and cleaning out some things.

Jimmy- I wish you the best! Maybe Kim can smuggle Zoey into your room for you?
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Uncle Fester, Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
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Uncle Fester, many prayers & thoughts to you!!
Hope you have a speedy recovery!
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I will say a prayer for you
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Positive thoughts coming from me.
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Sending prayers for a speedy recover!

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Sending positive thoughts and vibes for a speedy recovery to Uncle Fester!
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Good Luck Uncle Fester, we'll be thinking of you
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Lots of positive vibes coming your way Uncle Fester! Hope all goes well!
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Positive vibes to Uncle Fester. Please be well, asap
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Please be well and quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sending lots and lots of healthy energy and quick healing vibes out to you Jimmy!!
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Howdy All!
Thanks for all the encouraging words, I apperciate them!
It was just a "parts changeout" as I needed a new packmaker installed. My old one was 9 years old and it was getting ot be time for a new one.
Cool thing was, the new was was only about half the size of the old one and they let me keep the old one!
I've been in contact with OSU's Vet hospital and I think that they're going to take it and implant it into someone's pet and THAT'S COOL!
Nice to know that even >I< can be a source for "spare parts"!
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Wait - so are you OK and out already? I sure hope so and that you're doing GREAT!

And that is good news - that's really wonderful they do that.
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Uncle Fester, I just checked out your website, and I LOVE it!
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I am so happy that everything went well with you . That would be great if they could use the old peace maker for one animal
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Best wishes - you're in my thoughts!
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I'm happy you're okay! *Hugs*

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Glad everything came out ok! (And the new stuff went in ok!)
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OOPS! Sorry Jimmy, I must have wrote the date wrong! It's those late night phone calls don'tchaknow? Scrambles my brain- or what's left of it!
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Das okay, I unnerstand.
It was a pretty easy and "in-n-out" deal. I was offered a general Anestitic<SP> where the Nurse said "it was against the law for me to leave by myself".
I stood a good 4 inches and 150 pounds over her and asked her that if I got it in my mind to leave, there would be little she could do to stop me.
But my main reason for taking a local was this:
I could,
A} Take a local and drive myself home after only 3 hours in the outpatient pavillion

Or I could,
B}Take a general and after my begging off the ride my wife had arranged with her girlfriend for me (Who, it should be noted, drives like a kamakazi pilot with manic depression) and later being compelled to call my wife from her job to come all the way to Norfolk General, pick me up and be subjected to her hen-pecking me all the way home.

Some choices are obvious, for everything else, there's MasterCard!

I didn't need new wires, just the pacemaker itself. The Doctor asked me if I wanted a new incision or should he just hack open the old one. I said, "Well John, you know what a slave to fashion I am and the Frankenstien look is IN, BABY!

It's funny, I got a call Friday from the Doctors Office to see if I was okay.
"Yea, I'm fine."Says I.
They further asked, "Did you get the perscription for the antibiotics filled?"
"Nope" says I.
"Why not, Mr. Frost?"
"It's cool, I saw the Doctor wash his hands and He was the only one reaching into my shoulder all day!"

The REAL reason I didn't get the perscription was, I had forgotten to go to the bank after blowing all my cash on Zoey's new I.D. chip Friday morning!
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LOL Jimmy! I think you should entertain this group with your story about the bar stool, the diner the waitress and the cell phone! LOL
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Glad to hear everything went smoothly for you! I love reading your posts and stories - your great sense of humor makes for such entertaining reading!

I wanna hear about the bar stool, waitress and cell phone too!
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Oh, that!

A few weeks ago, I was eating breakfast at the Petro Truck Stop in Amarillo Texas.
I was yucking it up with some other mis-fit truck drivers and I wa laughing at something someone said, laughing HARD!
I leaned back in the seat, it was a little stool, close to the ground and as I leaned back, I heard a CRACK and the seat ripped off the pedastel and dumped me onto the floor, laughing HARDER now!

The waitress hit the "auto-freak" button and went running for the manager.

I was finished with my meal and went ot pay my check, the cashier told me that the manager wanted to see me before I left. I thought "Great" and was trying to figure what a new barstool would cost me.

The manager just wanted my name, address and such for her accident report and even offered to pay for my meal.

After that was done, I went around the corner, called the truckstop on my cellphone and got the manager on the phone. She didn't know it was me and CERTAINLY didn't know I was watching.

She answered and I said, "Hello, my name is Bernard Shapiro and I understand the my client, Mr. James Frost recently suffered a personal injury from a fall off of a defective seat and could be entitled to MILLIONS of dollars for his suffering."

This poor manager turned as white as her shirt, her jaw dropped open and started stammering and stuttering. Remember, she hadn't even finished the accident report yet.

I let her twist for a few minutes and told her that her assest were also at risk "and what a fine asset it is, if I may say so"
She looked shocked and I started giggeling and the jug was up.
She looked around and saw me laughing-she wasn't, but then she did.

That was a hoot!
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Call me twisted but I loved that story!
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You are SO funny Uncle Fester!!!!!!!
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Glad you are back to your fiesty self!
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OMG you are so bad Jimmy ...... to funny
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This morning, I had an appointment with my dentist and I'm smitten with his Hygenist, Tasha.

(If I wasn't married to Kim, I'd be after Tasha. That's exactly the reason I try to AVOID the Dentist at all costs.
When met with temtation, the married man should do what ANY married man should do, turn around, run like h--l and NOT LOOK BACK )

I like to eat a whole box of Oreo cookies prior to seeing Tasha for a teeth cleaning becasue that way, she would have to cancel all her appointments for the rest of the day and spend it on me.
My Wife took my box of Oreo's this morning
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Funny stories!

Jimmy laughing on the bar stool -->
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