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grown cats still nurseing

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I have a question, my cats, Minnie and Jerry, have a blanket that has been theirs since they were babys. They love to curl up in it and nurse away. They dig with their paws and everything. It never bothers me. I think it is kinda cute.
The other day my cousin told me it is a sighn of insecurity. I just dont know how they could be insecure. They have alot of love and have always been well taken care of.
Has anyone ever had a cat that did this?
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This is a normal reaction for kittens who were taken from mom to early. It is involuntary for them to do this, and it is hard to stop as well. The only time I ever make a suckling cat stop is when he is suckling his body (like his tail) or one of his siblings.

Winkers will occassionally crawl up on me and start suckling my shirt. I just gently move her away from the spot and spend some time cuddling with her and talking to her. The three kittens were all taken from their mom way to early, but she is the only one who is prone to suckle.
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Almost all the cats I have have done this, only one didn't and she was with her Momma for 9 weeks. I hear it's just the cats who were perhaps taken from their mother too early, which is most cats. I actually think it's fine, just a sign they are comfortable at that time and can go back to their kitten-dom, kind of like people feeling comfortable and thus more playful.
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hmmm i've always wondered why some kittens do this, when Alfie and Rosie were kittens, they always suckled off Grace whos a 3 yr old cat. She never minded and enjoyed laying back being a foster mum for them. But when i got them they were 12 weeks old
However Tayo, who came here when he was 6 weeks old also does it, but i understand that. Again Gracey to the rescue, as she's become foster mummy for him
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Scarlett (2 years) and Koko (6 months) do that in my household. Scarlett was orphaned at 3 weeks old and Koko orphaned at 10 days old. I guess this supports the advice that kittens taken away from their mom too early continue to suckle later in life.
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Our kitty Junior (3 year old neutered male) was orphaned when he was 2 weeks old (his mommy was hit by a car) My wife raised him and he still nurses to this day

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(Looking at the pictures above) Geeze I feel like I'm looking at kitty porn! Get a room, you two!

I have an intact cat family (mom and two 7-month-old kids) and the little boy, Therblig, STILL goes up to his mom Mina and tries to suckle from her. Of course, he can try all he wants but he ain't gettin' no satisfaction, since Mina's been dry for some time now! It's very cute and I always laugh and tell him with mock severity to stop disgracing himself and start acting his age. Mina tolerates his attentions for about twenty seconds before rabbit-kicking him in the face.

Sometimes he just does it so that she'll start licking him and letting him cuddle up to her. Some kittens and cats just like being nurtured and mollycoddled, no matter how old they are.
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