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Hello! My name is Sabra. I figured I would come and introduce my self since I have already made a post (fiance vs. felines). When I registered with the site I didn't know that when I picked sfell that it would be my screen name -some sites use a login & a screen name, oops! If I had paid more attention I would have picked something cute.

Well, I have three cats - all females. Toonces, the oldest, will be 8 in August. I call her my Russian Blue because she looks just like one (but a bit heavier). The other two are sisters (7 years in April)of mix bread - one is a tortie "Patches" and the other is a very fat siamese "Buttons". I also have a 1 1/2 year old Akita mix named "Libby" and I am thinking of putting up a thread under behavior because the sisters have some serious issues with her!

I am thoroughly enjoying this site!!!

I hope I will be able to give advice to some of ya'll as I have gotten to fiance vs. felines.
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Hi Sabra and Welcome to The Cat Site! You'll love it here.. great advice, friendly people, and lots to chat about! I would love to see pictures of your furbabies!

I have 3 myself and their pictures are posted a little further down the forums. They are all siamese and all boys. They are extremely affectionate and playful. Their names are Sebastian, Drew, and Jake!

Once again welcome!


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Sfell(Sabra); Welcome to the Cat Site!

You may play your music as loud as you wish and brag about your cats as often as time permits you to visit us. We love new members. We can't get enough of pictures of their "fur babies" and we will try to offer good advice on any problems you bring us.
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I love your name! It's really pretty. I'm glad you found us here at The Cat Site, and I hope you got some helpful advice about your felines vs fiance.

I currently have 6 cats, of course, 5 of them are 6 week old kittens. Muffy, the mother is a grey and black tabby. I'll be keeping one of the babies, so we'll have a two-cat household. Now I just need to come up with a name for the baby.

Anyway, welcome!
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Welcome, welcome, welcome!!! Hope you enjoy the site as much as we all do!! Hope to see you around lots!!

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Welcome Sabra!

Enjoyed reading your post Fiance-vs-Felines, have had b/f's who were like that...ex's now! :laughing2: My boyfriend adores my girls, and has 2 boys of his own...quite a Brady Bunch we'd have if we decided to live together!

Look forward to seeing your family, and reading more of your thoughts and experiences,


*Oh yeah, I have a friend who has a 6 year old cat named Toonces...did you name her after the show?999999999<---(Lily did that)
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Is Toonces named after the Saturday Night Live cat sketch about the driving kitty?
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WELCOME SABRA!!!! I am so glad you have joined us!!!
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Hello sfell

Welcome and see you more on the boards
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WELCOME, Sabra!!
I have 3 fur babies. 2 girls, Salem, she will be 18 on Aug 16, Smoky, 12 weeks, and yesterday I adopted Toby, he's 15 months. The site is great!
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A warm welcome!

I actually kinda like Sfell... I was wondering what hidded meaning were there

By the way, you're the first person I've met named Sabra. I thought that's the English word for natives of Israel. Any connection?
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Yes, Toonces is named after the driving cat! My name is in Israeli term but I was named after an Irish family friend. Sabra is actually has roots in a variety of cultures.
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Hi there Sabra :angel2:

I think your name imply's a very feline like name...like "sabre" ya know? Really cool..very unique. If you'd like to be called Sabra...I will do so, whatever you wish, I just think it's a beautiful name.

Oh, and Darlene is absolutely right! She blasts her music and we don't even hear it!

Amazing huh?

Welcome we can be a wild bunch

Love &

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Sabra; I bast my music, Sandie cleans house and Catarina and TipTop "pose Down". :egypt:

We are a diverse group (but Deb25 is teaching us to "behave"); we all get along and our claws hadly ever come out. . . . . You can consult Mr. Cat for an appropriate image here. . . . . We are so glad to count you among our ranks (the RANKER the better LOL)

I always thought that Sabra was a Russian name. It sounds so Dr. Zhiavagoish. . . . . . (old-world romantic)
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Welcome, Sabra! It's good to meet you and yours! Yes, this site is comprised of a Cast of Thousands. We did pose for a group photograph a while back, at one of our informal gatherings, so I'll attach it for your information.


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Hello and welcome to the forums, Sabra! I hope you enjoy them, they're really cool! Especially if you are a cat Lover!
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