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New Kitten-Older Cat

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Hello Everyone, I am new to the site, I came by this site because I need some advice and help. I have a 15 year male neutered cat, Jazzer, that lost his best buddy (of 15 years) two and half months ago. It has been difficult on both of us. He cries all the time and sems to continue to look for his lost friend. I thought that maybe it would help if he had a new buddy. Called the vet and proceded to start the process of adopting a feral kitten that one of their clients brought in. I brought the kitten home Friday nite and placed it in a large cage in a bedroom. Jazzer came in, smelled around went out in the hall and threw up. I wasn't sure if this was a stress reaction of just the normal occasional vomiting. The next morning Jazzer got a look at the kitten through the door and again responded with vomiting. I now knew that it's the stress of the new resident. This morning when I was getting food, clean water for newbie(no name yet)he snuck out and Jazz was nearby. I put the kitten in another room and Jazzer went in and checked out the bedroom where Newbie had been. He smelled around, litter box, bed etc came out in the hall and vomited again. I have been spending most of my time with him but several times during the day will go and soend time with the new kitten. Jazzer didn't eat all day yesterday but finally ate last nite.
I am concerned for Jazzer, he is the reason I got the kitten hoping it would help with his lonelyness. I need advice, suggestions, HELP. I know it has been less than 48 hours but I am concerned for Jazzer's health-dehydration for one from the vomiting. Please if anyone else has had this situation and can help me, I would be grateful beyond words.
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I don't know if it is stress related ot not , but it could be . Was Jazzer checked lately by a vet to ensure he is healthwise ok ? If not you may want to do that to make sure he is ok . I don't know what you feed him , but I would recomment to feed him some can food right now . There is more fluit in the can food and so give him extra fluit . But if he don't eat and drink I would go to the vet with him on monday .
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Poor Jazzer. I agree with the advice so far - I'd take him to the vet to make sure he's not picked up a virus or something...

Additionally there's a lot of information on this site that suggests introducing new cats to each other "cold turkey" can be very stressful. I'm sure one of the mulitple cat owners will chip in, but maybe keeping your new kitty away from Jazzer for now, and introducing them slowly to each other will be less intimidaing for them both.

I also have an older cat (17) who's brother died a few weeks ago and we have been thinking that a new friend would help him recover from the loss. Like Jazzer, Lucky has been very lost and lethargic...I'd be very interested in hearing how you get on, so do let us know.

Good Luck
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Here's a link to one of the articles on this site about bring home a new cat...


Also in this behavior forum you'll see Hissy has posted in thread three "look here first"...there a bunch of stuff there about introducing a new cat.

Hope it helps.
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Thanks for the replies. I guess I could have provided more information. The new kitten is in a back bedroom. Door has remained shut since first nite. When I brought the little home I did let Jazz into the room to smell. Maybe a mistake. Tried a crack in the door for a little nose smelling. Jazz vomited. Since then the door has remained closed. Jazzer had a thorough checkup about a month and half ago. Other than being 15 years old he'sFor anyone who's may worry about the feral kitten he has been dewormed, Frontline, had a Feline Viral Profile ( all negative). I have read a couple ways of inroductions and am working on the one of closed doors, using my sweatshirt for kitten to sleep on and then letting Jazzer smell. Open for any good suggestions
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I hope it works out - sorry to have no advice.
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