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Sunday Daily Thread

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Good morning, everyone!

It is a good morning - Simba let me sleep until 6:30!!

Today I need to get started on my niece's Halloween costume (hmmm, I think I've been saying that for a few days now), then off to a bridal shower. And I need to get out for a walk today - I skipped yesterday, but that's because my friend and I went shopping for 4 hours, and spent most of it walking.

We ended up watching the dog show on Animal Planet last night instead of a movie - our dogs like watching them. It's pretty sad when you give the dogs a vote in what comes on the TV. Simba just doesn't care what's on, he just likes to be there with us.

Well, I'd better go get sewing! Hope everyone has a good Sunday...
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Good morning all ! Hope everyone is having a good day ! Mine started off well, as Charlie cooked ham, biscuits and chocolate gravy for breakfast, MMMM. Have to get ready for church in a few minutes, just thought I'd drop by and see how everyone was. Have a good day !
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Good morning everone. Joe got us up pretty early this morning so that he could go out and cycle with his buddies...after we'd been up an hour he realized it was raining and decided to stay home. So I've been mumbling on about how I could have had a lie in this morning -- am I grumpy or what ?

I'm heading out to Petsmart shortly to stock up on food for Lucky, then later today I'll be doing more planting in the garden I'm making as a tribute to Toby. Hope the weather dries up.

Happy Sunday everyone !
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I told all yesterday what I was doing today. Just a question.

Good morning all ! Hope everyone is having a good day ! Mine started off well, as Charlie cooked ham, biscuits and chocolate gravy for breakfast, MMMM. Have to get ready for church in a few minutes, just thought I'd drop by and see how everyone was. Have a good day !
What is chocolate gravey? I make Hershey sandwiches but never heard of chocolate gravey.
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Woke up early this morning when the boys decided to play chase on the bed, on my side of the bed.
Went and had breakfast at a local home cooking restaurant - they make the best home fries.
Planning (hopefully) to watch Matrix Reloaded SOON, depending on hubby and then go to volleyball practice this afternoon. I hope no one snipes at each other.
Have a great day.
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Good morning! I got up at 7:00 this morning all bright eyed and bushy tailed! Henrietta was the first one to great me this morning. She's getting so cute, especially since her fur is growing out. She jumped up on the bed and gave me that little mew right in my face! She sounds like a kitten.

I think I'm going to Provo today to go fishing with my husband. I haven't seen him in over a week so it will be nice.

4 days and counting! Are ya'll sick of the countdown yet? Too bad!! I told my husband a few weeks ago I was thinking about getting these kitties and he thinks I'm crazy but he understands. Plus he offered to build a cat enclosure. He doesn't know they are coming this Thursday. He'll be surprised and I know he'll like them. He loves Henrietta and calls her his Asad (Lion in Arabic). He doesn't live with us but likes to come and visit!

Ok.... latta!
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Yah, what is 'chocolate gravy'?
Kiwi, you haven't seen Matrix Reloaded yet? I say skip through the first part of the movie, but let me know your thoughts on the movie. I'm gathering some stuff to do captions, hopefully they'll be funny for you felines!

Actually went to bed before 1:30 AM and got up at 10:30 AM so this is a good morning. Just had 1/2 a cup of coffee, can't seem to down a full cup anymore, ate some cereal, a little bit and a lot of water. Heat up the chicken tikka to finish eating for lunch later on.

Should be watching Man Without a Past, a foreign movie that looked funny in the previews. Or finish watching The Italian Job, one of those two.

It is beautiful outside even though it is warming back up to the high 80s again ARgh, don't know when the real fall weather will be here, I don't think it'll be here this year, seems like it'll repeat itself again like last year with sudden cold fronts and then warming back up to the 70s and 80s.

Hope ya all have a good Sunday!
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Even I've never heard of chocolate gravy. Is it anything like mole (mo - lay) sauce?

We're catching up all of the things that didn't get done, yesterday: groceries, laundry, vacuuming. Good thing, that Sunday is bed-stripping day - Buddy barfed on the bed, at 3:00 a.m. He's been half-hiding underneath it, ever since. Nothing to worry about, though, he got piggish at the food bowl and needs a dose of hairball medicine.

Yesterday, there was a flea market, at the Tombstone American Legion. I bought two picture frames, decorated with purple rhinestones, for $10. One of them will hold a baby picture and the other one will hold a picture of Bill and me.

Pork loins were on sale and I got one, to cook in the rotisserie, tonight. That means that we won't have to cook, tomorrow. Love those leftovers!
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Morning everyone.

Today I'm off to volunteer at a big wildlife release that raises money for the local SPCA and their wildlife center. We have 3 barnowls that came in as babies when their mother was killed, and we've been raising them for most of the year. There was an auction where people could bid to get the priveledge of releasing one of the owls, and one went for $9000! Lots of good food and wine too, so it should be fun!

Sharks played horrible at the hockey game last night. Senators were skating circles around them. Oh well, still nice to see the game in person.
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I finally finished painting the barn today (that's a big woo hoo!!) - took me 6 hours of brushing (next time I'm renting a power sprayer) and I can barely lift my arms anymore. Got the wood cut out for 14 scratch posts for our Humane society foster parents (so they can teach their fosters to use one rather than furniture - helps prevent them from being returned for bad behavior). 4 loads of laundry done and 2 slabs of ribs cooking on the smoker (yummy). I'm off to soak in the tub with a glass of wine then probably asleep by 7 tonight. Boy I'm tired!
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I've never heard of chocolate gravey OR Hershey sandwiches.
We are having absolutely beautiful weather here this weekend, it feels just like summer again! Unfortunately, I had to work yesterday and today, and even more unfortunately, they had the HEAT on, (I work at a nursing home). The residents at the home were complaining about still being too cold and that they were freezing, and at the same time, the staff were just about dying of heat strokes. LOL! But I have been going outside after work to enjoy these last nice warm days before winter comes.
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Ahh, chocolate gravy
1 c sugar
3T. cocoa
milk as needed to thin to desired consistancy
cook until sugar is melted.
Add 2 tsp. butter or margarine, allow to melt and stir in.
Enjoy !
Best w/homeade biscuits (I like the middle ones), but not bad with canned ones!
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drrroooling, that is major sugar overload but will try it
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