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Good News!

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Ok, some people know already, some don't. But I'm gonna announce it finally.

My other half and I are engaged. We have been for over a month now but we had to keep things quiet until after our holiday so that our parents could be told first. And we've told our friends about it and well the response has been mixed. Some of his friends have trouble dealing with the concept of commitment, let alone marriage. But we're enjoying ourselves and not letting it get to us.

The wedding won't be until late 2005, early 2006 as next year I'll be busy with my final semester. Hmm...this is one long engagement...hadn't realised until I typed out the years....hmmm... Oh well, by that time the cats will have gotten used to the idea.

Anyhows, I better be off. I'm headed out to dinner.

Talk to you all later.
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Congratulations! May I wish you many happy long years together!
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how nice , my congrats to you both .
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Congrats to you and yours, now that the cat is out of the bag!
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Congratulations! I'm very happy for you. I'm sure things will work out and everyone will come around!
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Congrats to you both, and the kitty too! Must have felt good to finally be able to tell your families!
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Congratulations to both of you, I wish you many happy years together!
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Congratulations on your future wedding. I think long engagements are a good idea.
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Thank you everyone!

It was definitely good to tell our families. I mean, we were actually able to tell people!! And then finally announce it to all our friends.
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What wonderful news! We had a long engagement (almost 2 years) and it really gives you time to take time and appreciate everything!
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Congratulations!!! All the best wishes for the two of you!
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Congrats to you both, Mags!
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LOL how did you ever keep that a secret. I was shouting it to everyone. Congrats.
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Thank you again!

We're still beaming happily

Well DTetrev, it was very very hard. We told one cat a day, so that was two days. Then we told a fish a day. That took three days. Then we told all out plants, that took about two weeks. Then we went on holiday...finally. And then we got to tell our families. It's sooooooooooooooooooo hard keeping good news secret.
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Congratulations! :flower:
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