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Kittens, kittens and more kittens! (Vent)

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As you all know, I have two cats, Russell and Esper. They're both indoor cats and are both cared for lovingly. And it's general knowledge that I have two cats and that I adore animals and hate to see any without a home. At the moment, I'm in the process of trying to befriend a feral cat that visits my yard, one that I've named Caped Crusader, so really, it's like owning three cats at the moment. Not many people know this.

Anyway, just recently someone from my fiance's work asked me whether I would take a kitten from his recent litter. Well, he didn't so much as ask, but tried to force me to accept a kitten. My fiance asked how old they were. To this we didn't get a satisfactory reply. He said and I quote, "Five weeks." We both said "Too young." I went further to say that I won't accept a kitten under 12 weeks of age when I know the mother is taking care of them. Then he went to say that the kittens were eating meat and running around and doing their own things. And because of this, they were weaned and fine to give away.

He also went on to say that it was just one more cat. I already had two, what would one more mean. I replied that looking after a cat is more than giving it a home than running free. He looked at me oddly and told me to think about it. I said that we probably wouldn't be able to take on another cat.

The bit that peeved me off the most was that the mother hadn't been spayed and that it was her fault that she became pregnant with the litter. It wasn't their fault that they let her out while she was calling during her heat cycle. It was unfair that they now had kittens to look after and that the kittens weren't their responsibility and that if they found a home, it wouldn't matter if it was a good home or not. And there's no plans to spay the mother after the kittens are weaned or taken away from her which is probably more the case.

We can't take any more cats in at the moment. We're responsible owners and with that task, it costs money. And right now, we're saving money for the future. We also put aside money each year for each cat for vet bills and any possible accidents or illnesses that may occur so we're not caught short. I would have loved to have said yes and given the two kittens a home but it wouldn't be a good one. I know that we would not be able to provide the same level of care for all cats if we did.

If there was ever a proposal for people requiring a licence to own ANY animal, I would be the first to support it. I would also recommend that any unregistered breeders would have to sterilise their animals. There's too many without homes and without people who love them for what they are.
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Mags, PLEASE go to the spay/neuter section of www.savesamoa.org and print out some of the WHY to spay/neuter stuff and give it to this guy, who obviously needs some education!!!!

You have every right to be mad!!!

And the problem with licensing is that not only do most people not license their animals to begin with, even when there are laws, but it makes it almost impossible for feral caretakers or people with ferals on their property to legally care for the cats, unless the laws are carefully and properly structured. Just a thought.

Also - if you wanted to show the guy what people who care for their cats actually do when they adopt out kittens, you can print out a copy of the Adoption Agreement in the Rescue section of SaveSamoa. That'll give him something to think about.
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Laurie, to be honest, I was more ranting than thinking when I was going on about the licences. *sigh* Though it hasn't quite stopped me from suggesting a proposal to the Greens Party in Australia. They're environmentally aware, though it will be a project and a half. Hey, I think I just found my new project to do.

To give this guy documentation would be an utter waste of time and energy and would result in me losing my sanity. He has absolutely no empathy for another living animal in this world. He can't understand why owning a dog or cat actually does cost quite a bit of money. (Even I have to admit that. We sat down and worked on our budget and it's official that our cats are not spoilt, most of the money is on vet bills, health treatments and food, not toys or treats. ) I wouldn't trust this guy to look after a pet rock. I just cannot believe that such people exist!

Oh and about Caped Crusader, things are going well. He no longer scampers off to hide from us when we come out of the house. He'll run to the far corner of the yard watching what we are doing. The pet sitter didn't feed CC which isn't a huge issue, but I made sure that they understood that CC was welcome in the yard. He still gets his half a cup of dry food in the evening. I was half afraid that he would hate us when we got back but I'm pleasantly surprised by his current behaviour.

(I'd thought I'd try to end on a positive note.)
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I know how you feel when you say talking to this man would be like talking to a brick wall. I have tried to talk to my sister in law about not having her cat declawed but she is bullheaded and want nothings of me and my rants. This is way different than the situation you are in, because she will spay her kitten. I just wanted to empathize...

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Mags, I understand there are pig-headed idiots in this world. Just trying to think of something to do. I was raised to take action, and it just spills over all the time.

Although - often times the "action" results in........ just banging my head against the wall - when all I REALLY feel like doing is smashing someone else's head against that wall!

But I am glad to hear things are going well with the Caped Crusader!!!! I'm glad you decided to end it on a positive note.

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*feeling sheepish*..... and I really didn't mean to "take away" from your vent!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes we all need to, and I do understand!

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Raquel, it's ok. I can't help feeling sorry for the poor kitten.

Laurie, LOL. Not to worry. Sometimes I feel that way too. It would be satisfying but would lead to a lot of good people behind bars banging their heads against brick walls. Hmmm...it could be a good escape plan.

Now my next door neighbour has added to his household of two puppies. He has a 6 week old kitten. I know he's too young and all the rest but at least I'm allowed to go over and spend time with the little guy. It's a little black kitten with white socks, a white stripe down his nose and white whiskers with a white vest to match. He's dressed up. I went over and had a look. He seems vibrant and of healthy weight. I've offered help to my neighbour whether it be his puppies or the kittens if he needs it.

Privately though, I am happy to be close because if anything should go awry, I know I'll be the first person he asks help from.

Hmm...well this was a vent.
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a_loveless_gem wrote:

Laurie, LOL. Not to worry. Sometimes I feel that way too. It would be satisfying but would lead to a lot of good people behind bars banging their heads against brick walls. Hmmm...it could be a good escape plan.

And your neighbor's kitty sounds like a real cutie. Of course we've a soft spot for black & whites over here....

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