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Saki is growing up to be a really smart cat!

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As Saki is getting older and his personality is shining through, I must say he is an incredible cat at just 3 and a half months. This cat FULLY plays fetch! This started maybe a week ago. He loves his mice, and loves to play with them. I started throwing them so that he could go get them. To my astonishment, he ran back to me with it in his mouth, proceeded to drop it at my feet and look at me. I threw it again. He brought it back again. We did this maybe 20 times in a row. I dont even have to call him back! He just comes He'll sit there next to me and start purring loudly, looking at me just waiting for me to throw it again. Sometimes I will even be sitting at the computer or wherever, and he will come up and drop it at me, expecting to play. Of course I must entertain him because I've never had a cat actually play fetch like this.

A couple weeks ago I brought home 3 mice. 2 went missing within the first day. The other night I decided I was going to go on a mouse hunt. I tore this entire apartment apart looking for mice. Nothing. I looked under beds, couches, crevices, everywhere. Wouldnt you know it, my fiancee and I were sitting on the couch watching TV and here comes Saki with one of the missing mice in his mouth!!! Weeks later! Where did he get it?? LOL. Was he hiding it from us? My mouth was just dropped open, I couldnt believe it.

I hope he continues this behaviour into his adult years!
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Awww, Sicy, I'm so glad things are going so well for you! Fetching kitty ! That must be a hoot!

I KNOW, sometimes I wonder where they're hiding this stuff, and sometimes where they're hiding?! There must be a 3rd kitty dimension.
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I love the fetching. Em brings them to me in bed when I'm reading so I can throw them for him and he brings them back.

Kittys rock!
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Awww Sicy!!! That's great! Jake plays fetch too. Exactly like what you describe Saki doing. I'd never seen it before. Never saw a catch play fetch.

Saki sounds like a real gem! I can't wait to meet him, and Zoey and of course you too!
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Saki is just one awesome kitten. I just knew, that once you got him, he would be so perfect for you.

My cats Snoopy and Shane are both fetchers. Simba hasn't picked up that talent as of yet.
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Amazing! My 3 cats just play soccer with their toys. I guess some are fetchers, others are kickers, etc.
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awwww what a smart little kitty!!!
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How cute! Obviously Saki has his own little hiding spot where he keeps things safe until he needs them again!
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That is so cute! You must have so much fun with him!
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Hi Sicy!

Aren't kittens a trip? Taz and Squirrel both play fetch, and if you keep it up with them (do it daily) as they grow up they will continue to play fetch, but it not, they lose interest and the game goes away.
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SICY!! Good to see you're back girl!!! JB is that way with his little alumninum foil balls, he'll bring them back to me or try to swat it in my general area so that I can flick it back down the hallways! I love it when cats interact with us, it seems more personable I think than dogs who do it to please us, with cats since they do things when they feel like it, it seems a lot more exciting, I think
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I cant believe so many cats play fetch Never have I had a cat that plays fetch. Too cute!! I will definately continue the game so that he doesnt lose interest
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Yeah, a number of people have written about it and I always thought that was so cool! I'm glad Saki entertains you with this activity that's so fun for you too!
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One more tip for keeping Saki interested....don't have a stash of mice/balls that you continue to throw if he doesn't bring it back. Trent used to play fetch, but then hubby got lazy and would gather up like 5 balls and throw them to Trent. Trent learned really quickly that he didn't need to bother with bringing anything back.

Playing fetch with kitties is the coolest thing!! I'm glad Saki does this with you.
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Thanks for the tip! Usually I can only find one mouse anyway
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Tibby plays fetch to but she will only do it with one certain ball, it's those shiny mylar balls. If it isn't one of those then she won't play fetch.
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My cats like to play fetch with crumpled up cigarette packs. What would they do, if I quite the nasty habit of smoking?
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LMAO!!! Hope!!! Bad girl!
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hey, welcome back...I am glad Saki has a new found talent. it should keep you guys busy for a while! Sometimes if I throw something for Amber she will just look at me. you are so lucky to have a fetching cat.
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