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Mouth problems

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I was given a cat abouth a month ago. Big Fat cat no claws or testies. I like him a lot. He has hardly eaten scince i have him, he has gotten thin. Never comes out, his right eye tears a lot lately. and thick drool comes out of his nose and mouth. today i decided to look in his mouth, thinking something might be in there, it was a wierd white,blue ulcer or something. I am not working right now and cant afford a vet. Is there something i can do for thes poor cat???
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A vet trip is in order.. asap. Cats can die from this.. I know there is someone here who's cat died from mouth ulcers. Please do what you can to get him vet care as soon as possible. A lot of vets will work with you on payments.
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Drippy eyes and nose and mouth discharge is also a sign of a respiratory infection. Since he is plugged up and probably can't smell, he won't have an appetite. Like Sicycat said, mouth ulcers are a bad sign and on top of the respiratory problems point to being very sick. Get him to a vet and have him tested for FIV/FeLV and get some medicine for him!! Vets can work out a payment plan.

Please keep us posted!
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You've already gotten great advice already, so I'll just emphasize that this is NOT something that you can treat yourself. You must take him to the vet. Keeping my fingers crossed for your little guy.
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How is your kitty???
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