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Lucky Take 2

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Thanks to everyone who helped me figure out the technology !

Here's another pic of Lucky, basking in front of the fire and wondering why on earth I keep pointing this thing at him...
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And the final one for this eveing. Here's Lucky in his normal evening spot, sitting on my husband Joe who is watching the Yankees and already yelling...Lucky isn't watching the Yankees, he's watching me and wondering what they heck I'm doing !
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those are some cute pictures
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Lucky's a cutie! (And hubby ain't bad either. )
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Lucky is a beauty
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Lucky's beatiful.
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Aww lucky
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Lucky looks like a very good couch companion.
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What a sweetie!
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Lucky does look like he is wondering what the heck you are doing! But he is very cute!
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Thanks everyone
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He's a handsome one!

'what on earth is she doing with that flashy box thing???'
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