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omg :)

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Roxy's brother--whose still living without human assistance--approached me today. I froze, and he froze, and we stared at each other for at least 3 minutes. It seemed like eternity. He was less than 5' away and I was shocked, I have never seen him except from a far distance. I slowly got down on the ground, and he started to approach me.. Then roxy jumped in his way and hissed and pawed him, and he ran away.

Was he trying to keep us apart?? I'm confused. He and Roxy after this were playing but in a really nice way, no play fighting or hissing except for that. Hmm. But this is progress! Yay!
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How wonderful!

Sounds to me like Roxy was protecting his Mommy. And letting his brother know that you are HIS! Kinda cute if you think about it. A little sibling jealosy.
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I thought maybe that, or maybe I was distracting him from playing, which was what they were doing until he saw me. Maybe Roxy was just trying to draw him back into their little game. I wish he didn't do it though because I would have loved to get a hand on his brother. He looked really healthy and clean though I want to take him to the vet and get him snipped and shots.. Hopefully he'll come back.

They were so cute playing I knew that they hang out from seeing them from a distance, but to see them playing on my porch right in front of me was amazing. They kept bonking each other
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I think either one of those is just as likely to be the case. Or Roxy was being possessive of Mommy.

I'm sorry - I don't know if I missed something or am not remembering something... Is Roxy a pet now? Indoor/outdoor? Do you feed her brother? It'll be a lot easier to trap him to get him neutered if you are. And if you bring him back in a crate instead of a trap, you can slip some wet food in there for him before you let him out. Then leave wet food out for him. It increases the chances of his sticking around. He may skulk off for a while, but if there's tasty food, he'll be back.
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Roxy is.. I guess he's outdoor, because since I moved back in at home I can't really have him indoor, but he's inside probably 1/3rd of the time. I cheat lol. But when I move he'll come with me--inside. I don't really feed his brother because he's taken to my grandmother's porch who lives down the street, so she feeds him and he's been guardedly snacking there for about a month now. I do have a few traps but would rather get him in a less stressful way, especially with how bold he was last night. I have hopes that he'll come around. But the main problem is that I am completely dead flat broke (well, almost) due to graduating and not being able to find even a min wage job, so the whole vet thing is really hard for me. so I'm trying to figure out a way to get $$$ in my area. I can definitely support roxy, I'd sell everything I own if I had to, but this new cat, I don't know. The necessities of life I can do, but as far as the possiblity of future medical care, I don't know. I wish people wouldn't drop their animals off in the middle of nowhere.

This one is a lot more "wild" than roxy was, probably because now he's got to be well over a year old and has not been introduced to humans until very recently. I can't believe these guys made it through last winter. There used to be 4-5 of them but now it just seems that roxy and his brother are left, atleast they are the only ones willing to be seen. They used to have a beautiful all black brother who was BAD, lol, and I wanted him so bad but he just disappeared months ago and never returned

There has to be a colony around here but being that I am surrounding by hundreds and hundreds of acres of farmland, most of which is not owned by my family, I very much doubt that I will be able to find them, but I do my best to help out the stragglers. It's kinda of been a thing for me since I was a kid. My parents hate cats but at one time we had as many as 11 just because I couldn't stand not to take care of them. They all came to us, as most do around here for some reason. I can't ever remember being without cats.

Anyhow, I haven't had a cat since moving back, then roxy came into my life, and now he's bringing the relatives. I'm thankful but at a point in my life where I can't really take on the responsibility of having a bunch of cats. Don't get me wrong, I would love to, but I really wouldn't be able to provide them with all they need. So I don't know what to do.. but am still thrilled that he didn't run like a bat out of hell when he saw me..
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Anna, so many people are in the same position, but by not looking for them and not feeding them you're doing the right thing. I'm glad Roxy's brother (sorry for thinking he was a she!) has found a friend in your grandma.

I know what I wrote sounds harsh, but if fed and not spayed/neutered, it just helps support more homeless animals, and that's the sad reality.

Taking care of a colony is a lot of work, and it's a lot of responsiblity. (As I'm sure you already know!)

Have you looked for low-cost or free spay/neuter services? I don't know how far you're willing to drive, or where near Pittsburgh you are, but if I remember correctly, there are some friends of ferals (though I don't remember the org) near Pittsburgh... you can search for services using the link in my signature line. And if you don't find anything there, then search for no-kill shelters in your area and give them a buzz. It being October, the 16th was "feral cat day," so some places are having special clinics for really cheap or no cost all month. It's worth calling around to see....

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Last night he came back, pressed his nose against my back door, and peered into the house for a few minutes. Later I tried to go outside. He seems to want to keep about a 10 foot distance. With that distance he is comfortable and can play, but as soon as I get closer he moves back.

Well I can definitly get him neutered, I don't have a problem with that. I've gotten a lot of cats who I've never seen again fixed in the past. But I can't really keep him as how I would keep Roxy because, well lets face it, sooner or later I'll find a job and move, and transferring one cat to indoors is going to be a disaster enough let alone having two, especially when I'm working and not able to referee. And I know for a fact that my parents, though they may feed him, without me there they won't get him yearly shots, checkups, whatever, just because they are busy and don't understand. They both grew up with barn cats and can't understand the whole "cat as child" thing.

But my grandmother's still going to feed him because he brings her joy. So regardless of whether I do or not, she will, and she was a farmer and again, doesn't understand the whole vet for a wild cat thing. Which means it's up to me to take care of the medical needs. Because sooner or later, if I don't, we're going to end up with a lot more cats around here. I know the hazards of putting food outside lol. One time last summer there were 7 cats in my yard when i looked out the window one morning. Scared the crap out of me.

I wonder how cats communicate. Obviously Roxy said something to the other cat, like 'don't worry about her' because the cat runs like the dickens if anyone else is around. Unless the other cat has just seen me with Roxy.. Hmm.
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LOL! Cats DEFINITELY communicate! I'm pretty sure they've got a grapevine - outside. "Hey - Annabelle's got food out, c'mon over!"

And as we've brought outside cats in, the "new" ones clearly learn from the already-inside ones. Especially about things like being brushed or cuddling up or something.

BTW - I personally think cats can live wonderful happy lives outside if they've got shelter for winter, if in a cold area. But "shelter" can be so many things for them - they're so much heartier than we give them credit for.

It's sad your Grandma wouldn't be able to look after his health - if they get sick, it can be really difficult for them, as I'm sure you know. But at least he'd be neutered and then after that fed, which is wonderful.

And just a bug in your ear... .... if you eventually move out and into an apartment, if it has a separate bedroom, you can always keep them in separate rooms while they get comfortable and learn to live inside. Once they trust you and are comfortable inside, reintroducing them to each other wouldn't be too difficult....

Bringing outside cats inside intensifies and speeds up the socialization process - especially if one puts time into just sitting in the same room with them, reading to them, etc. Roxy might like having a pal around - especially if you're going to be working.... Again - just a bug in your ear.....
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Uggghhh. So two nights ago (I find this out late last night) my grandma's boyfriend caught the cat in a humane trap they had set out to catch a groundhog. But instead of calling me or something so I could take it to the vet, they let it out Now the cat hasn't been back.. I guess it was freaking out or something when they came close and they were scared it would hurt itself.

Oh well.. I wanted to get it the other way anyhow.. but that would have been easier, I could have put him in my bathroom and gotten to know him a bit, it's much easier when they can't run too far. And he doesn't seem evil, just terrified, and not even so terrified as he used to be. Oh well, what's done is done.
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I scared a number of the ferals away last month when I was trapping the kittens coming of age. They are starting to show back slowly.
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I was wondering why he hadn't been playing with roxy lately. I did catch a glimpse of him but could tell he was a LOT more terrified than he has been. I guess it's back to baby steps.. And with it getting so cold I was hoping to make him a home in the garage, now I'll probably pull out on of the dogloos and put some blankets and straw in it like I did before. bah. HOpefully he'll forgive humans
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