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My Sugar

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I know this is mostly for cats, but I wanted to share my sad news with other animals lovers. My sweet Sugar, a dog we raised litteraly from birth (we bred her parents for a few years and had lots of puppies), had to be put down last week. I am so sad about it. She was the sweetest dog ever. Never growled, bit, anything. She was so incredibly tolerant and sweet. God I miss her already!! She had cancer. We knew about 6 or 8 months ago. We found some of her tumors and brought her to the vet. He said it was a lost cause, she had so many of them and surgery would have been very expensive and worthless as the tumors would just keep coming back. Surgery would have been very hard on her too, as she was an older dog. I believe she was about 12 years old. She was so incredibly tolerant with my daughter. Laura did the funniest things to her (never painful) and just put up with it.
Here is a picture of her, on the left.
She is with Piper, her half sister that we also raised from birth. We still have Piper, who seems very lost without Sugar. Shes quite a mess. I am just so sad to have lost my sweet TugTug (her nickname, ryhmes with Sug) and that she was uncomfortable the last few days she lived. Im also angry with my parents, who decided to put her down.(Sugar lived with them) I just wish they had waited and given me more time with her. I feel so bad that I really didnt appreciate her the way I should have in the last year. I knew she was dying, just not so quickly. I am so sad We kept her collar, but I hate that these pets have to die and leave us. It makes me too sad and feel like I shouldnt love them anymore, because they just leave in the end.
Thank you for listening. I miss my sweet dog, who lived up to her name more than any other dog before her.

Edited to add, Im not sure why the picture isnt showing up, but you can put that link in to your browser to see Sugar and Piper.
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You poor thing, Sugar must have been a wonderful dog, and who wouldn't miss such love ? I hope your other animals are a comfort to you right now too.

I can't see the photo you posted, it might just be me, but I'd really like to see her, she sounds as though she was very special.

Take good care of yourself, I'll be thinking of you.

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Mamakat, here is your sweet baby. I am so sorry that for your loss.
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Bless your heart ((((HUGS)))) I feel for you .

I am so sorry of your loss may Sugar RIP
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Oh heavens. Now that I can see her I want to cry myself, you can see that she was a real poppet.
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I'm sorry to hear about your precious baby.

R.I.P. Sugar.


Take care of yourself.
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I am so sorry for your loss. RIP Sugar.
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Thanks everyone Thanks for fixing her picture, Hissy. I appreciate that. She looks like a raggamuffin in the picture, but she was just the swetest angel baby ever. Seeing her makes me so sad
Thanks for the nice responses though I dread the day I lose another loved animal.
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If it distresses you to see her, please let me know and I will remove her photo for you.
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No its ok. But thanks for offering. I still like seeing it because it makes me part happy to see her, and part unhappy because she is gone. I know that makes no sense. But anyway, Id rather everyone else get to see her cute messy face. That was the day my daughter decided they had to wear towels all around the house. It was a funny day
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