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OK, I'm an idiot...

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Well I finally have some digital photos of Lucky to share with you all. And, the photos are on the PC (something of a small miracle in itself), but Joe and I cannot figure out how to post them so that you guys can see them.

I'm certaing that we're missing something extremely simple But I've tried the attached file feature at the end of the new-post format but when I preview I can't see anything...can anyone give me an idiot-proof step-by-step way to include a photo ?

Thanks -
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did you rezice them first ??? I am not good myself . So first I rezise my picture and make sure I save all the change I made on Irvan Fiew . Then I go post and hit the browse botton and insert my pic I want and thats it . I don't prefiew at all .
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I know the few times I've attached something, previewing seems to kind of mess me up. I would just suggest clicking on the Browse button to find your file, click on it, hit OK (or whatever the option is) and go straight to Submit. Worst case senario is that it doesn't show up, and then you can delete the post and start over. If you want, you can also send them to me and I'll post them for you. (garubaja@adelphia.net)
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Thanks ! I'm going to try again without preview ... if it works you'll see Lucky ... if not I'm back at the drawing board...
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Looking forward to seeing Lucky!!

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If you are having trouble resizing them, send them to me, and I'll do that part for you. Posting is simple, once the pics are the right size.
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Well, I've tried repeatedly and I clearly am inept at this

My JPEG file has been shrunk down to be so small so that I can't see the photo at all in Picture-It (the application I'm using to edit the file) but it's still 38kb. And if I'm reading the error message right I have to have the JPEG down to 33kb...I guess I won't be showing Lucky to the world right now.

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Ah, there are two different attributes that make up picture size im Kb, the actual outside dimensions, and the resolution. It sounds like you just adjusted the dimensions (like 1" x 2"), without working on the resolution. I usually adjust the pixels per inch, then the picture is a little grainier, but still large enough to see. I usually make them about 70 or 80 pixels / inch, and then about 350 pixels wide (or high, whichever is the largest dimension). Will your program let you do that?
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After you rezise the pic , did you save ??? If not it is still the same size like it was in the beginning . I know , I did it a few times myself . Dump me
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Thanks everyone ! I really appreciate you all chipping in with advice.

I have saved, and I have reset the pixels and still the file is too large. Apparently although I can see the file on my computer as a jpeg, something about it isn't set up right.

Hang in there...some day soon I hope I'll introduce you to Lucky
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Tobycat- If you will email me the pictures, full size, I will downsize them byte size and pixel size if needed. My email address is: kissfan88@comcast.net
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This may be it -- keep your fingers crossed XXXX
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So, here he is (thanks to everyone and to microsoft !)...

Lucky is 16/17 years old and has a lot more "white" in his black and white coat these days along with a touch of arthritis. You can see him enjoying one of his favorite activities - sitting on the sofa.

At night he likes to sleep on our bed and periodically goes on patrol around the house to make sure everything is in order. Every now and then he beats the heck out of the cat-nip mouse, just to keep it in line

His other game is to race me upstairs...he stands on the bottom step until my foot hits it and then we both run up as fast as we can

Thanks again everyone for the encouragement. I'll post more photos of Lucky now that I know how
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Yay! And definitely worth waiting for. What a gorgeous photos of a very very fine looking cat!
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what a sweetie pie , it was wors the wait .
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