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The spot has been filled

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With Ripley's demise, the role of head cat was pretty much left in limbo. Watching the crew this last week, it is clear that one of the Trips is vying for the top spot. Noddy is now commanding respect from all the cats! It is amazing for me to watch her run off the others at feeding time, chase Karma who was always challenging Ripley out of the house and claim the top spot on the cat posts, which Rip used to have. She may be tiny, but she is quite formidable in her struggle for power! Outside, her and Whisp square off and so far Noddy has triumphed. No bloodshed, just a lot of posturing and growling.
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Wow, I wondered what would happen! I find the social dynamics endlessly fascinating. And to think that teeny kitten you rescued is now going to be queen of the world.

Who would you have predicted would take the top role? Is this a surprise?
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Wow! A trip vying for top cat-

That's amazing! I hope Noddy doesn't get hurt in all this.
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Wow! The trips are still under a year old aren't they? That's pretty impressive to take over so young (particularly in a household as large as yours)!

My Stumpy struggled to take the lead at 2 years old when Max (our Manx) crossed.
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Kitty hierarchy is fascinating, isn't it? Glad they figured out who rules the roost!
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With the older cats, the only one really challenging Noddy is Karma. And Noddy is not to be swayed. She actively will chase Karma out of the room, through the cat door and outside, and then turn around and come back in with her tail held high! LOL I think perhaps I should call her Her Royal Majesty Queen Noddy!
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that is so funny how they choose who is top cat, i hope whoever wins for sure is a good leader my blackie is the top cat at my house but stripey challanges him sometimes and i think he might win for a day
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My Chewy is just 6 1/2 mos old and he rules his mom. I don't think either one knows who is who now. Everytime he is near her he pounces on top of her and grabs her by the neck. She yowls and tries to get away. I wish there was something I could do. I thought she would whip him but no and now he is bigger than she is.
My poor mommy kitty
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Is Chewy neutered yet?
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Is it possible that none of your cats are the alpha cat? I can't tell which one of my cats are the true alpha cat. Snoopy is the oldest, he's 18, but he doesn't seem to have any interest in being an alpha cat. He just wants the others to leave him alone, but he'll rip into the middle cat, everytime he bothers Snoopy. I'm pretty sure my 6 month old Bangel is NOT the alpha cat. All he wants to do is play. However, my middle cat, Shane seems like he'd like to be the alpha, but he doesn't get the respect from the others to really be an alpha.
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I love hearing about cat hierarchy! And this is amazing such a young one has taken the lead!
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There are some people who believe that cat groups do not have alpha cats, but I disagree. Especially with my group, I see this all the time where one will come in and try to oust the leader. Perhaps because they are feral, I see this more than someone who has, say a purebreed. Because in feral colonies, there is always one clear leader that watches out for the others, comes to feed first and that the other cats respect and/or fear.
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wow go noddy!!! I don't really have an alpha cat. Everyone around here is pretty laid back and shares food, water, litter and so on. I'm going to have to wacth closer and see. The only odd behavior is neo watches everyone eat, and he doesn't eat until everyone is is.
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Since most of my cats started out feral, we have clear alpha roles in our house. The 2 obvious signs are the pecking order at the food bowl (Stumpy sometimes allows young kittens to eat before him, but only if he likes them a lot), and the pecking order when they want to lay on top of Steve and I. The alpha cats always gets their favorite position on our bodies. Stumpy is male alpha and Scarlett is female alpha.

I think it is fascinating to see their behavior in this area.
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I think its too early to tell with Zoey and Saki. I'm assuming Zoey is the alpha cat but Saki is always bothering Zoey.. so I'm thinking the bigger he gets, the more of a threat he's going to be with her. I know she can hold her own though
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Cat hierarchy may also depend on gender. I know there is this power struggle between my 3 ladies, but it would be more peaceful if a tomcat would suddenly join the group.
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I have been watching closly and it looks like marbles is the alpha cat! Very weird!!! I think him and neo are going to duke it out. neo is like the gently lion leader and marble is the young ruff and tuff kitty.
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