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Goonies is coming on!

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On TBS at 12.15pm. I am in Central time so figure it out! I love the goonies. its one of those movies that recall your childhood. I saw it when I was nine. Its a modern classic.
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I won't be able to watch it, but I LOVE Goonies!!

Enjoy it for me too!
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Goonies is a classic..

Go Chunk !
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Somehow I managed to make it all the way until about one month ago before I saw that movie! I loved it!!
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I just saw Goonies on DVD today at Wal Mart and thought of all of you guys. It was pretty cheap there, only $14.99.
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I dont know why I dont just buy it. One time I went to the mall and earlier that day I had thought about the Goonies, and how I hadnt seen it in a long time. Then I stopped in a retail video store for no reason and it was playing on the tvs. That was weird.
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OMG me and my cousin where in love with that movie. I must have seen it 1000 times. We new it word for word
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I love that movie. I watched it when I was maybe 7, I'm 27 now...and I remember having a crush on the "big" brother, aka Mikey's older brother. LOL
Now I think it's still one of my favorites, and coincidentally the same kid who played "Mikey" is now...Sam in L.O.T.R!
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Gosh, I feel like i'm missing out! I've never seen Goonies!
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Oh wow, you should rent it. its a campy little teenie bopper type movie, about a bunch of kids about to lose their homes to a golf club and they set out on an adventure to find hidden treasure. And yes, Sean Astin is Sam in LOTR! The Goonies was made in 1985.
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